How to refer - Dental services 

All referrals should be made on your practice headed paper and sent to:

Referral contact address:

ECRA Eastman Central Registry for New Patient Appointments
Eastman Dental Hospital,
250 Euston Road,
4th floor Central,
London NW1 2PG

Telephone: 020 3456 2300
Fax: 020 3456 2383 (this is designated a safe haven fax)
E-mail: (for New patient Referrals and Consultation appointment queries)

In order to ensure the highest level of patient confidentiality and information governance, we ask that all e mail communication is made only using an email address, as this provides a higher level of security.

Further information regarding this can be found at:

Referral guidance for all requests for patients to be seen at the EDH

Who can refer?

  • General dental practitioners
  • Other secondary care providers (usually for patient needing multidisciplinary input or second opinion)
  • Medical practitioners (only to oral medicine and oral & maxillofacial surgery) – patients are expected to be registered with a dental practitioner if accepted for treatment at the Eastman Dental Hospital
  • Community dental clinics

What service do we provide?

  • Diagnosis, assessment and advice for treatment.
  • Treatment in conjunction with the referring practitioner
  • Treatment at the hospital depending on complexity of treatment need

Who may be refused?

  • Referral letters that do not contain the required information that enables the letter to be assessed adequately
  • Patients who are not registered with a dentist.
  • Patients with primary dental disease, e.g. poor oral hygiene or active caries.
  • Patients referred where finance is the motivating factor
  • Patients not meeting the referral criteria set out by the department
  • Illegible referrals

A patient’s dentist retains the responsibility of their ongoing care.  The dentist is expected to manage any emergency that may arise whilst their patient is waiting for their consultation; and also maintain the patient’s routine dental care whilst they are receiving care at the hospital unless otherwise informed by the hospital.  On completion of active treatment they will be expected to provide maintenance and follow up care.

Dental implant treatment is provided to patients who fulfil strict criteria for approval as established by the NHS.  All patients deemed suitable for implant treatment are submitted for approval in writing to a local committee.  This committee follows a stringent pathway of assessment and approval is given to those patients who fulfil the required criteria. Patients are made fully aware of the implications of undergoing implant treatment within the NHS setting and the funding implications related to this.