The EGA Hospital Charity 

  • About the charity

    The EGA Hospital Charity was set up in 1980 to save the hospital from closure. With advances in medicine small independent hospitals could no longer exist to provide all modern amenities and modalities of treatment. The hospital was then merged with University College Hospital and the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing of the hospital provides the services for women.  The role of the charity therefore has changed but remains true to the original Deed of Trust which was “the relief of sickness among women and the protection and preservations of the health of women particularly but not exclusively at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital”

  • With your help

    We can do more for women and babies, from providing equipment which is not funded by the NHS to supporting research to improve the care of mothers and their babies. Your donation, small or large, makes a difference and is gratefully received.

  • What difference your money makes

    Your donations together with income from  our investments support hospital clinical staff, teachers and researchers to do even more for patients. The Charity Trustees always take advice from clinical experts to ensure that the best use is made of the money that is donated.

    Future advances in women’s health will depend upon the next generation of “workers in the field” and the charity therefore considers funding innovative teaching and training projects, particularly to broaden horizons of trainees.

  • International Conference on In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy

    On October 9th & 10th 2015, translational and multidisciplinary scientists, physicians, and specialized surgeons in diverse fields of regenerative medicine, and prenatal therapy convened in London, UK at the “2nd International Conference on In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy”. This conference was a platform for experts from diverse backgrounds to network and forge collaborations in gene and cell therapy, immunity, in utero transplantation and tissue engineering.
    The conference would not have been possible without the generous contribution of The EGA Hospital Charity that supports pioneering research and inspires  students to follow the footsteps of its honouree, Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (E.G.A.). To this end, Dr Anna David, leader of the Prenatal Cell and Gene Therapy Group at UCL Institute for Women’s Health gave the opening talk on Elizabeth Garrett Anderson’s life and scientific contributions to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the first woman to qualify as a medical practitioner in England in 1865.
    Dr David highlighted Elizabeth Garrett’s aspiration to thrive professionally in the medical field where women were unheard of. E.G.A.’s pioneering work had been disdained due to her gender and thus she suffered significant setbacks while pursuing this path of resistance for women in the 1870s.
    E.G.A. challenged the status quo in the clinical world, as she was not accepted in dissection rooms and operating theatres and she was strongly encouraged to give up her ambition to qualify in medicine. Dr David’s motivational speech, at the Kennedy Theatre of the Institute of Child Health which is proudly labelled with the Athena Swan award, provided some insight on the battle of women’s right to occupy themselves in a public role at the close of the nineteenth century. 
    In her conclusion Dr David gave an overview of The EGA Hospital Charity accomplishments and exemplified Garrett Anderson’s depth of character and clinical skills, which gained her a place as a contemporary icon for women in science and medicine.
    150 years later at the conference delegates had the opportunity to hear four plenary speeches covering contemporary pioneering work that is changing medical practice. Prof. Adrian Thrasher, Head of the Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and Physiological Medicine Programme at ICH, presented outcomes from his research on clinical translation of stem cell gene therapy for congenital immunodeficiencies which his group and others globally has pioneered.
    Next, Prof Ludovic Vallier, Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells at University of Cambridge and the Sanger Insitute, showed how inherited metabolic disorders can be modelled using human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells providing insight into clinical therapeutic options. Following, Prof. Giulio Cossu, Professor of Regenerative Medicine of the University of Manchester, discussed his research advancements to rebuild skeletal muscle for tissue engineering applications.
    Finally, the closing plenary talk was given by Prof. Alan Flake, Director of the Children’s Institute for Surgical Science of Philadelphia, who delivered an inspiring presentation of the prospects of the artificial placenta as an extracorporeal life support for the previable fetus.
    Abstracts presented at the conference illustrated how our new understanding of the fetal immune system and its response to foreign proteins can aid in creating novel prenatal therapies for severe congenital disease. The two day meeting closed with a session describing emerging clinical trials to treat congenital blood disorders and brittle bone disease using in utero stem cell transplantation.
  • Celebrating 150th anniversary

    Celebrations were held by the charity to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson as the first woman who qualified as a medical practitioner in England in 1865

  • Recently funded projects

    The charity purchased 16 breastfeeding chairs for the Neonatal Unit in 2014. As the parents are present 6 – 8 hours daily there is an urgent need for each cot to have access to a chair. Therefore the charity has agreed to fund a further 13 chairs, which along with 3 chairs donated by a patient, brings the total to 22.

    The provision of the chairs will improve the quality of their time on the neonatal unit for both the babies and their families.  Additionally, through this, it will directly contribute to the babies' brain development, helping them to maximise their potential as individuals.

    • Chloe Russell
      Chloe Russell and her husband kindly donated their wedding gift money to purchase 3 breast pumps for the Neonatal Unit in memory of their baby Erin Ella Hope who sadly passed away on 21st July 2016.

      The patient and her family arrived at the unit with their Motorcycle Club having ridden from Hertfordshire on their Harley Davidson motorbikes.

      It was quite a sight! The charity is very grateful to the generosity of the parents and their motorcycling friends who raised £2800 for equipment for the Neonatal Unit.

    • Tolu's Snowdon Challenge        
      Climbing Mount Snowdon for The EGA Hospital Charity because I've clearly gone mad! (See below for real reason)
      On 5th September 2015 my friend and I will be climbing Mount Snowdon!!
      I was born at University College Hospital in what is now known as The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson wing, so that's why they're my chosen charity.
      I was born at 23 weeks with very little chance of survival (yes that's me in the picture!) I'll be 26 in November, so I can't think of a better way to say thank ayou to the doctors and nurses that helped me.

      Please visit Just Giving to make a donation to Tolu’s fundraising page   
    • Marks and Spencers donate £1000 to purchase another breast feeding chair for the Neonatal Unit.

      Ms Ede Rogers, Store Manager of Marks and Spencers, Tottenham Court Road branch visits the Neonatal Unit to view  the breastfeeding chairs which her store staff kindly raised £1000 to purchase on behalf of the EGA Hospital Charity.

      Marks and Spencers will be holding further fundraising events on behalf of The EGA Hospital Charity.

    • IVF Animation Project
      We have funded a  project to commission an animation for the hospital website explaining some of the difficult concepts in IVF. It is part of a larger project currently running to make good quality information accessible to  patients.
    • Purchase of 16 Recliner Chairs for the Neonatal Unit 
    • The launch of the Teleconferencing Equipment on Monday 15 April 2013 by Sir Robert Naylor

    • The purchase of an ultrasound machine for a research project into pre-eclampsia.
    • We have purchased a myograph machine and funded the transfer of samples collected in Colombia for analysis in the UK. This is part of the ongoing research into the link between pre-eclampsia and cardiovascular disease in later life. This research project is being carried out by Dr David Williams Consultant Obstetrician.
    • The organisation of telephonic peer group support of gynaecological oncology patients
    • MRI research into anal sphincter damage in association with obstetric trauma
    • We have funded the purchase of Optiflow machines which are a more modern advanced system which allows assistance to babies breathing but at the same time the baby can be out of the incubator and in the mother’s arms.
    • Protecting new-born babies: New equipment was donated to the Neonatal Unit, which will help support research to help reduce the risk of brain injury in new born babies. The EEG machine, which records baseline brain activity and seizures was funded by the charity. The money was raised with the help of UCLH non-exectuvie director Dr Harry Bush who asked his friends and family to donate money to the cause, rather than buy him presents for his birthday.

    We have set up an Annual Travelling Fellowship to award the sum of £5000 per annum to a trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology to travel abroad to enhance their training and experience. The first recipient of this award is Dr Sania Latif who will be spending 3 months working with the Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative Project in Pakistan where she will gain considerable experience in emergency obstetric care and gynaecological surgery in a resource poor setting.

    Dr Latif made a presentation to the Institute of Women’s Health Annual Meeting on 3rd June 2014 of her experiences at the Willingdon Hospital Pakistan. Her fascinating presentation was well received and she was clearly a worthy recipient of the first Travelling Fellowship.

    The second recipient of the Anne Boutwood Travelling Fellowship Award is Rachel Tildesley. She has spent six months working in Blantyre Malawi. This invaluable experience in obstetrics and teaching local doctors will enable her to become a  more experienced and effective Consultant in the National Health Service, as well as the contribution she has made to women and children’s health in this developing country.

    We currently spend the income from our investments but we would be very grateful to accept further donations which we use to further our aims and objectives.

    We are very grateful to those who have generously donated money via Just Giving to this charity which enables us to do more to help women and babies.

  • Marks and Spencer’s adopt our charity

    "The Marks and Spencer store on Tottenham Court Road is delighted to announce that we have chosen the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Appeal Trust as our Charity of the Year! The store is extremely excited to be supporting the Trust and the exceptional work it does in the field of women's health. The staff have set themselves a target of £2,000 in order to buy two new breast feeding chairs for the ward, and will be holding a series of events throughout the year to do this."
    Gemma Aston
    Charity Coordinator,
    Marks and Spencer Tottenham Court Road

  • Summary of projects and research funded by the charity over the past years

    • Further funding of 13 special reclining breastfeeding chairs for the Neonatal Unit. Each cot now has its own breastfeeding chair. 2017
    • Funding to improve the facilities The Early Pregnancy Unit:

      We have paid for the installation of a new wall mural and two matching recliner chairs.  The improvements go a long way in providing women with an area of comfort which helps the team provide care and support in a more suitable environment.

    • Funding for research project in to an Interactive Online Learning Tool -  Decision Aid. Dan Reisel.
    • Purchase of 3 grant instrument data loggers to further research into birth asphyxia. Nikki Robertson 2017
    • Anne Boutwood Annual Travelling Fellowship fund 2016
    • Research project into fatty liver in pregnancy David Williams 2016
    • Development of maternal and fetal adverse event criteria for clinical trials in pregnant women  Anna David 2016
    • Purchase of optical spectrometer and RNA biomarker Nikki Robertson 2016
    • Further funding for research project into the immunology of pre-eclampsia. Professor David Williams 2016
    • Assistance for expert counselling of young women with a rare condition called Rokitansky Syndrome.  Louise Williams Clinical Nurse Specialist Paediatric Unit 2016
    • Funding for preliminary work in the reconstruction for patients who have suffered FGM. Professor Sarah Creighton 2015
    • Anne Boutwood Annual Travelling Fellowship fund 2015
    • Support for project at UCLH on in utero transplantation & fetal gene therapy and fetal gene therapy.  Dr Anna David 2015
    • Funding towards  setting up of foetal surgery at UCLH.  Professor Nikki Robertson 2015
    • Purchase of IVF 2D animation for the hospital website explaining some of the difficult concepts in IVF to our patients. 2015
    • Pre eclampsia study.  Professor David Williams  2015
    • Purchase of fridge/freezer to store samples.  Dr Anna David 2015
    • Funding to assist the study of outcomes of babies delivered before 27 weeks in relation to the organisation, policy and investigation employed. Professor Neil Marlowe 2015
    • To fund the setting up of a baby bio bank storage facility.  2015
    • 2014 EEG machines to help reduce the risk of brain injury in new born babies.
    • 2014 Reclining chairs for breastfeeding mothers  
    • 2014  Videoconferencing Equipment     
    • 2014 Anne Boutwood Annual Travelling Fellowship Fund  
    • Support for psychosexual intervention by CNS for women following treatment for gynae cancer
    • 2013 High flow humidifier/oxygen machines purchased for the Neonatal Unit
    • 2013 Research project on Anal sphincter damage related to childbirth (MRI Scans funded)
    • 2013 Research project by Professor David Williams  - The association between pre-eclampsia with cardiac disease in later life 
    • 2013 Workbench for Seminar Room EGA   
    • 2012   Upgrading of the Seminar Room in the EGA Wing
    • 2010 – 2012 It was decided to fund a very large project for IT equipment
    • 2009 Hysteroscopes for the Outpatient Hysteroscopy Department   
    • 2009   Gynaecology Oncology Support Project by Dr Sue Gessler
    • 2007  Research project on Endometrial Cancer by Tim Mould
  • Brief Biographical History of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

  • How to donate

    To make a donation simply make a cheque payable to The EGA Hospital Charity and send it to the 2nd Floor North, 250 Euston Road, London NW1 2PG. Please request a Gift Aid Form if required.

    Visit our JustGiving page at:

  • How to apply for funding

    The charity is open to requests for funding from members of staff in Women’s and Children’s Health based at the EGA Hospital. Applications forms are available from the charity email Please send a very brief outline of the request and an application form will be forwarded to you if appropriate.

    Guidelines for applying for funding

    The EGA Hospital Charity funds many different sorts of projects but for your assistance in considering whether your request for funding fits within the charity’s remit please note the following guidelines.

    • The charity is prepared to fund the purchase of items that will improve the comfort and care of patients attending the hospital.
    • Equipment to aid the diagnosis and treatment of patients not funded by the NHS.
    • Research projects to improve the care of mothers and their babies.

    Travel, accommodation and meetings expenses are not usually funded by the charity.

    The charity does not undertake the employment of individuals carrying our research.

  • UCLH Festive event 2016

    The charity had a stand at the UCLH festive event in December 2016 to demonstrate the work of the charity.

  • Anne Boutwood Travelling Fellowship Award

    The charity set up this Travelling Fellowship in honour of Anne Boutwood, one of the founder members, to enable a trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology to travel abroad to further their education and experience.

    Dr Sania Latif, the first recipient of the Anne Boutwood Travelling Fellowship spent three months attached to the Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative Project in Lahore, Pakistan funded by the Fellowship.

    She made a presentation to the Institute of Women’s Health Annual Meeting of her experiences at the Willingdon Hospital Pakistan. Her fascinating presentation was well received and she was clearly a worthy recipient of the first Travelling Fellowship. Applications are currently being received for this year’s Fellowship.

    Last year the charity celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson’s achievement in qualifying in medicine. Young trainee doctors today who are prepared to go abroad with the aid of the Travelling Fellowship to gain experience and to contribute to the health care of women in the developing world.

    The short summaries of the achievements of the last two recipients of the Fellowship are as follows:

    Rachel Tildesley the second recipient of the Anne Boutwood Travelling Fellowship Award spent six months working in Malawi as a volunteer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Rachel gave a fascinating presentation of her experiences in Malawi at the Royal School of Medicine Anniversary Celebration to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson’s qualification in medicine.

    Download and read about her experience.

    Abigail Merriel is the 3rd winner of the Anne Boutwood Travelling Fellowship Award.

    Please read Abi’s progress report from her time spent in Lilongwe, Malawi.

  • Donations

    The early arrival of Leo Walker Donnelly 12 June 2017

    Our beautiful son, Leo Walker Donnelly, was born on 12th June 2017 at 25 weeks and 6 days. I was visiting friends in London when he made a special early arrival. 

    Since then, Leo has been a patient of the neonatal intensive care unit at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing of University College London Hospital and has received outstanding medical treatment and care from talented, committed and caring staff. 

    I was also looked after during the traumatic experience of preterm labour and recovery. 

    Ross and I cannot express our gratitude during these early days to the staff looking after us all. The staff think of everything we might possibly need to help us. We are embarking on a long and difficult journey but we remain positive that we will work with the staff to see Leo reaches his potential. 

    There are some things that the hospital need more of to help babies and their parents in the unit and while our family and friends are keen to support us in any way they can, we would encourage you to make a small donation as a gift for Leo. He won't need romper suits and toys for many weeks to come. He gets everything he needs at the hospital. 

    Things the charity will buy are things we are already using every day - breast pumps, reclining chairs and Zaky hands. 

    All our love,

    Nicola, Ross and Leo xxx
    Whist Club make a very generous donation to the Charity on behalf of Tommy.

    Thomas Stephen Nunn was born at University College Hospital London on September 14th 2015, 3 months early and weighing only 740 grams. He was very poorly and in hospital in London for 6 weeks before being moved to his local hospital at Broomfield in Essex where he stayed until the beginning of this year. The family are very grateful for the excellent care Tommy received at Broomfield. He came home in February 2016; he is thriving, gaining weight and, although he is still on oxygen, in all other ways he is developing well and is now crawling. He now weighs 7.7kg and he has just celebrated his 1st birthday. He continues to be a miracle and a joy to all who have cared about him from his earliest days, especially his mummy, daddy and big sister Kimberley.

    Thomas’ family will always be enormously grateful for the major role that the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson wing at UCLH played at the beginning of Thomas’ life.

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Appeal Trust


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