Trustees fund new neonatal kit to help babies breathe 

Improved breathing equipment which offers fantastic benefits to premature babies and their mothers has been donated to the neonatal unit. 
Trustees fund new neonatal kit to help babies breathe

(l to r): Consultant Sara Watkin and matron Alree Marsh with one of the new humidified high flow oxygen systems

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the EGA Hospital Appeal Trust provided funding for nine units which deliver warm, humidified oxygen to premature babies who are unable to maintain adequate breathing unaided.
The new system provides oxygen via tiny nasal prongs and enables mothers and fathers to more readily bond with their babies. Babies also seem to respond well and appear calmer and more stable.
Chairman of the EGA Hospital Appeal Trust, John Osborne, met neonatal staff during the official handover.
Lead consultant Sara Watkin said: “The new equipment is not intrusive and mothers can see much more of their baby’s face, cuddle their baby more easily and breast feed. The nasal prongs are very tiny and do not cause the nasal deformities we used to see with our previous respiratory support. The new equipment helps support the normal development of our very preterm babies, it doesn’t block their field of vision and it is very quiet."
Staff report that babies are more stable resulting in fewer alarms being activated. As well as reducing stress levels for staff and parents, this gives nurses more time to concentrate on the most seriously ill babies on the neonatal unit.
The neonatal unit has just taken delivery of the new systems, after trialling the equipment for a year.
Parent feedback has been positive.  One commented: “I felt more confident as there was less equipment around my baby…much better for my baby in terms of comfort”. Another mother said: “I was able to lay the baby in my arms to see her and she can look back at me without a machine in the way.”