Friends of University College London Hospitals 

Join our campaign – be a friend

We are a small charity wanting to be bigger. And you could help us. For less than the price of a monthly cup of coffee you could help build a new flow of income for us which we could channel into more grants.

The friends give grants for extras that the NHS doesn’t fund or can’t afford. This year’s grants have bought hand mirrors for patients’ bedside cabinets, radios, live music, magic shows and much else. We normally give away £50k each year. But to help launch our new ‘be a friend’ campaign we’ve made a special grant of £64k for creation of artworks in the new UCLH home for the Eastman Dental Hospital and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital.

You can join the friends for a subscription of just £2 per month, using our online campaign page. In return:

  • You will be part of a community of people wanting to help the UCLH hospitals
  • We will send you updates about our latest grants
  • We will invite your ideas on how friends funds might be used.
  • You could help us raise more funds, as a volunteer at our new fund-raising stall in the UCH Tower
  • You will be invited to our AGM each year to hear how the friends are being run.
  • You could ask to be considered as a trustee, when there is next a vacancy.

So please join us. With over a million patients seen at UCLH each year, imagine what a difference we could make if even a fraction made £2 monthly payments.

Friends of University College London Hospitals

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