Your Outpatient Appointment 

Welcome to the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre. We have sent you this leaflet to let you know how outpatient appointments will work in the new Cancer Centre. When you are in the Centre, please ask a volunteer or member of staff if there is anything you do not understand, or call us in advance on 020 3456 7016.


What will be different?

We hope that most of things that you liked about your previous appointments remain the same. Our new building means that, while you see the same doctors, nurses and clinical staff who have been involved in your care so far, we can run clinics with shorter waiting times, and in a lovely new and well-lit environment. We very much hope that you enjoy the new building and all of its facilities.

Why your appointment letter is important:

If you have an appointment in our new Centre, please check your appointment letter for the time and date. In some cases, we have changed appointment times as part of the changes we are making to ensure outpatient appointments are run better. If you cannot make the appointment you have been given, please contact our contact centre appointment line on 020 3456 7016.

When you attend, please also bring your appointment letter with you. This letter has a bar code which you can use at the Cancer to check in electronically on one of the automatic kiosks on the ground floor. Alternatively, you can also check in at the main reception desk on the ground floor.

If you forget or lose your appointment letter, please don’t worry - you can still check in at the kiosk or the main reception desk using your personal details and we will be able to print you another copy on the day if you would like it. There will be plenty of staff and volunteers available to answer any questions you have about this.

Bring a friend or relative if you wish:

Please feel free to bring a friend or relative with you to the outpatient appointment if you wish to. Please also feel that you can ask any questions about your diagnosis or your treatment plan during your appointment. You can also visit the Macmillan Support and Information Centre on the ground floor. Here you can get help with any questions you have, or information that you need. Your appointment letter will tell you which team you will be seen by. You may see more than one member of the team, and you will not necessarily see the consultant in charge of the team at every appointment.

Directions and contact details:

Once you have checked in, please wait on the ground floor until your appointment is called, unless your letter tells you to go straight to your floor for your appointment. You can use the shop or café or visit the Macmillan Support and Information Centre, all on the ground floor. When the team are ready to see you, you will be called on the patient information screens, and told the number of the outpatient room that you need to go to.

  • Most outpatient appointments take place on the first floor, and you can take the stairs or either of the house or garden lifts to the first floor.
  • If your outpatient appointment is on the fourth floor, please take the house lift.
  • If your appointment is on the lower ground floor, you can use the stairs or the garden lift down to the lower ground floor.

Once you have been called to your appointment, you should check at the floor’s outpatient reception whether you will need to be weighed before seeing your clinician. If you need to contact us about your appointment, or you have any questions, please feel free to ring us on 020 3456 7016.

Mobile telephones:

You are encouraged to bring your mobile phone with you and to leave it on, as we may use it to contact you about your appointment. Please be considerate of others when using your phone and please set your phone to silent mode when receiving treatment.

No smoking policy:

Smoking is not permitted in any of our hospitals, grounds or hospital transport.
The use of e-cigarettes and the charging of them is also not permitted within the hospitals, grounds, or hospital transport and they are known fire and safety hazards.     More information on the risks associated with the use and charging of e-cigarettes, particularly when also using oxygen as part of your treatment can be provided by nursing staff.


Our café on the ground floor is open 7.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please do not eat or drink before your appointment if you have been asked not to as this may result in us having to cancel your appointment. If you are not sure if you can eat or drink, please call the clinic and check. Visit the UCLH website at for more information on our services.

 Patient information leaflet