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  • /News/Pages/Neuroresponsetoberolledouttoother.aspxNeuroresponse to be rolled out throughout England

    07 Jul 2015

    UCLH nurse consultant Bernadette Porter is one of 17 healthcare pioneers identified to receive national support to roll out their technologies, processes and models of care to patients, hospitals and GP practices throughout England.

  • /News/Pages/Tubestrike.aspxTube strike 8 July

    06 Jul 2015

    Possible industrial action on London Underground could affect travel on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

  • /News/Pages/YounginpatientsgiveUCLHthumbsup.aspxYoung inpatients give UCLH thumbs up

    01 Jul 2015

    UCLH provides good inpatient services to children and young people, according to the first survey in England to get the views of teenagers and children on hospital care.

  • /News/Pages/Researchopendaydrawsthecrowds.aspxResearch open day draws the crowds

    01 Jul 2015

    Clinicians, scientists and researchers showcased the latest technology and techniques to tackle conditions such as cancer, dementia and arthritis at a research open day hosted by UCLH.

  • /News/Pages/UniversityCollegeHospitalatWestmorelandStreetreopenstopatients.aspxUniversity College Hospital at Westmoreland Street reopens to patients

    30 Jun 2015

    As part of cross-London plans to improve cardiac and cancer care for millions of people across north and east London and west Essex, the first phase of our urology service move to the refurbished University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street completed today. Thoracic surgery has also returned to the hospital.

  • /News/Pages/BrainstemimplantisLeiasbestbirthdaygift.aspxBrainstem implant is Leia’s best birthday gift

    29 Jun 2015

    A little girl born profoundly deaf was able to hear her parents sing Happy Birthday on Sunday (28 June) after becoming one of the youngest people in the UK to have pioneering hearing surgery.

  • /News/Pages/Researchischangingpatientcare.aspxCome to our research open day today

    23 Jun 2015

    Come along to the UCLH research open day today and find out how research is changing patient care.

  • /News/Pages/ParliamentariansseeFindTreatinaction.aspxParliamentarians see Find&Treat in action

    22 Jun 2015

    The work of UCLH’s Find&Treat service has been highlighted by an all-party Parliamentary group working to reduce the prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) in the UK.

  • /News/Pages/Plaqueunveilingforpioneerbrainsurgeon.aspxPlaque unveiling for pioneer brain surgeon

    18 Jun 2015

    Surgeons from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) paid tribute to early pioneer Sir Victor Horsley during a ceremony to celebrate his lifetime achievements.

  • /News/Pages/WebchatMotorNeuroneDisease.aspxWeb chat: Motor Neurone Disease

    18 Jun 2015

    June is Motor Neurone Disease (MND) awareness month and we have two experts, Jan Clarke and Dr Nikhil Sharma, answering your questions on our next web chat.

  • /News/Pages/SpeechconsultantawardedOBE.aspxSpeech consultant awarded OBE

    17 Jun 2015

    The Queen’s Birthday Honours List is a cause for celebration at UCLH this week as the roll call of names included an OBE for our consultant speech and language therapist Gillian Kennedy who works with premature babies and other vulnerable infants needing extra care.

  • /News/Pages/Newfilmsfocusonlearningdisabilities.aspxNew films focus on learning disabilities

    16 Jun 2015

    The first in a series of simple, short films co-produced by UCLH has been launched to help patients with learning disabilities, coinciding with Mencap’s national awareness week.

  • /News/Pages/Stereotacticablativetherapyisnowavailableforourpatients.aspxStereotactic ablative therapy is now available for our patients

    15 Jun 2015

    University College Hospital has today been named one of four London hospitals providing an innovative type of radiotherapy which causes less harm to surrounding tissue.

  • /News/Pages/NorovirusInformationforpatientsandvisitors.aspxNorovirus: Information for patients and visitors

    11 Jun 2015

    Please be aware that diarrhoea and vomiting (Norovirus) is making a lot of people unwell in the community at the moment. Please do not visit the hospital if your are unwell with cold-like symptoms or diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms.

  • /News/Pages/UCLHAnnualMembersMeeting2015.aspxUCLH Annual Members’ Meeting 2015

    10 Jun 2015

    UCLH would like to invite you to its Annual Members’ Meeting on Wednesday 22 July between 6pm and 8pm.

  • /News/Pages/Endoflifetrainingmakessafetyshortlist.aspxEnd of life training makes safety shortlist

    09 Jun 2015

    A new one day course to support staff talking with patients and families about whether or not attempting CPR is clinically indicated or in their best interests has been short-listed for a leading patient safety award.

  • /News/Pages/NHNNneurologistwritebookaboutpsychosomaticillnesses.aspxNHNN neurologist writes book about psychosomatic illnesses

    08 Jun 2015

    A new book about psychosomatic illnesses written by NHNN neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan has garnered praise for the sensitive way she writes about her patients and put her on the Observer’s list of rising stars as “one to watch” in 2015.

  • /News/Pages/Volunteeringhasenrichedmylife.aspx“Volunteering has enriched my life”

    05 Jun 2015

    Loving, caring, supportive: our award-winning volunteer Pragna Shah is a beacon of light during dark days for many cancer patients and their carers.

  • /News/Pages/DBSstudyonTouretteSyndromepatientsfindsimprovement.aspxDBS proven to help Tourette Syndrome patients

    28 May 2015

    Researchers led by UCLH consultant Tom Foltynie have demonstrated that deep brain stimulation (DBS) can help sufferers of Tourette Syndrome reduce their tics significantly.

  • /News/Pages/NewwebsitepagestomarkWorldMSDay.aspxNew website pages to mark World MS Day

    27 May 2015

    People with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their carers can now find expert information and advice on a new section of the UCLH website.

  • /News/Pages/MSwebchat.aspxWeb chat: Living with Multiple Sclerosis – what’s new?

    20 May 2015

    Bernadette Porter, the first nurse to be appointed as an NHS Multiple Sclerosis (MS) nurse consultant is hosting our next web chat on World MS Day.

  • /News/Pages/Workingtogethertoimproveresearch.aspxWorking together to improve research

    20 May 2015

    UCLH is part of an exciting new initiative in which five top hospital trusts share routinely collected clinical data to improve patient outcomes and carry out more effective research.

  • /News/Pages/Experimentwithnewideasaboutresearch.aspxExperiment with new ideas about research

    19 May 2015

    UCLH is celebrating International Clinical Trials Day on Wednesday (20 May) with information stalls, tours and activities across our hospital sites.

  • /News/Pages/Makefunrunyournewactivestart.aspxMake fun run your new active start

    19 May 2015

    One of the UK’s leading sports and exercise consultants is urging Londoners to look for every opportunity to be more active as the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health (ISEH) gears up for its third annual 5k and 10k run in Regents Park.

  • /News/Pages/Areyoudementiaaware.aspxAre you dementia aware?

    18 May 2015

    If you are caring for friends or family members with symptoms of dementia then extra support, advice or training is on offer.

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