Quality and Safety at Queen Square (National Hospital Neurology and Neurosurgery)  

Queen Square has its own dedicated Quality and Safety Team to drive forward the quality agenda. The team is led by the Divisional Quality and Safety Manager, who works closely with Divisional Clinical Lead for Governance Dr Sally Wilson. There are two further full-time staff, a Quality & Safety Facilitator and an administrator. The Quality and Safety Team help to monitor and manage risk by providing support with incidents and sharing learning arising from incident investigations. We also share learning arising from complaints and claims across the Division.
Queen Square has a culture of listening to patients and learning from what they tell us about their experience. We actively seek patient feedback through surveys, questionnaires and electronic response devices. Regular clinical audit at divisional and departmental level helps to ensure clinical effectiveness and to benchmark areas such as infection control and other risks to patients like pressure ulcers and falls. We ensure that clinical guidelines in the Division are kept up to date and are fit for purpose. We hold 6 Clinical Governance days a year to give a focus on Quality and Safety issues. We are working with clinicians to develop an up to date and comprehensive library of patient information to inform and support patients and their relatives or carers. The team works closely with the central Quality and Safety department to ensure that local objectives are in line with those of UCLH as a whole.

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