Opening soon - University College Hospital Grafton Way Building  

Our flagship cancer and surgery hospital is opening soon. On the block between Huntley Street, Grafton Way and Tottenham Court Road it is close by to University College Hospital and our academic and research partner UCL.

With nine clinical floors, it is home to one of Europe’s largest centres for the treatment of blood disorders, has a hyper-modern surgical service, with eight theatres and a surgical ward.

The Proton Beam Therapy Centre, set in basement 3 and 4, will open in 2021 and be one of only two NHS centres in England.



1 Grafton Way


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  • About our new hospital

    UCLH is proud that open our new hospital, the University College Hospital Grafton Way Building is due to open soon.

    It is located on the corner of Huntley Street and Grafton Way and will house state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and the following services:



    4 and 5

    HCA Haematology Inpatients

    2,3 and 4

    Haematology Inpatients


    Surgical wards and critical care unit

    Ground Floor

    Imaging, Cafe, Toilets, Patient Transport


    Surgical Admissions and Theatres

    B3 and B4

    Proton Beam Therapy Centre (opening 2021)
  • Map

  • Haematology inpatient wards

    As a specialist centre for haematological (blood) cancers for people living in London and the surrounding counties, we are really pleased to able to provide inpatient care in our new hospital. With three floors dedicated to treating people with blood cancers, we are one of the largest centres in Europe.

    The wards have been designed to the highest possible specification, taking into account the specific needs of haematology patients. Each patients has their own room with ensuite bathroom. The rooms have special air filters to protect patients whose immune system has been suppressed or to manage patients who are infectious.

    On the first floor, we also have a dedicated critical care unit with 10 beds, enabling us to provide safe, effective care under one roof.

    The new facility means we can treat more patients with blood disorders and we will also be able to carry out cutting edge research at the facility, with our academic and research partner UCL.

    Read more about our services here

  • Proton Beam Therapy Centre (opening in 2021)

    The University College Hospital Grafton Way Building will house one of just two NHS proton beam therapy centres in the UK.

    Proton beam therapy (PBT) is an advanced form of radiotherapy used for the treatment of complex and hard-to-treat cancers in children and adults. Previously patients had to travel abroad for PBT, but patients can now benefit from UK-based access to this advanced treatment at The Christie in Manchester and soon at UCLH, with potentially better outcomes and a lower risk of longer term side effects.
    You can read more about PBT here.

  • Critical care

    The critical care unit is based on level 1 on the same floor as, but separate from, the surgical wards and consists of 10 side rooms. The critical care unit is intended to support haematology patients and provide co-located and expert care to these patients.

  • Planned surgery and wards

    Situated in B1 are eight operating theatres and state-of-the-art recovery and discharge spaces. The surgical ward is on level 1. Planned ear, nose and throat and oral surgery and orthopaedic surgery will take place in the facility. Overnight sleep studies will also take place on the surgical wards.
  • Imaging

    There is an imaging department on the ground floor of the Grafton Way Building. The department provides imaging for outpatients and inpatients and offers MRI, CT, X-ray, ultra sound and Theatre imaging. For outpatients the initial service will be open week days between 9am and 5pm. Once the department is established, MRI and CT will be provided for OP until 8pm.The imaging reception is on the ground floor in the atrium and forms part of the main reception.

  • Facilities for patients and visitors

    There is a café on the ground floor. Toilets are located on every floor including disabled toilets (for those who need assistance and those who do not). There is a drop off area for people arrive by car on Grafton Way.