Professional background

I trained at Newcastle University and undertook research in Melbourne, Australia. I moved to London and was appointed consultant/honorary senior lecturer in thoracic medicine at UCLH/UCL in 1998. I was clinical lead for respiratory medicine from 2006-2018. I have been clinical lead for tuberculosis at UCLH since 1998 and at North Central London-South Hub (based at the Whittington Hospital) since 2014 when TB services in the sector were amalgamated.

As lead clinician for the TB service, I work with colleagues to provide an accessible, prompt and effective clinical service for patients with TB and non-tuberculous mycobacteria, and research including how to improve adherence/support for patients with TB, understand why people develop TB disease and developing more accurate tests for TB. UCLH/South Hub is a designated centre for the management of MDR/XDR-TB.

I have clinical and research interests in interstitial lung disease, particularly sarcoidosis, and work with colleagues in the Centre for Respiratory Research at UCL. I provide joint care with other disciplines, e.g. cardiology and neurology, for patients with non-pulmonary sarcoidosis.

I undertake inpatient care of patients with general/respiratory medical problems, many of whom have airway diseases such as asthma (which was my initial area of research) and COPD. I have worked to improve clinical outcomes for these patients by setting up integrated care with community teams and participation in the National COPD audit.

I support the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy service provided at UCLH.


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