Children and young people's diabetes

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    “It’s about making every young person with diabetes matter…”

    Rebecca Thompson, the UK’s first consultant nurse for children & young people’s diabetes

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    “The care my daughter gets here is gold standard. She feels safe and listened to – the improvement started after the first appointment…”
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    "An efficient, well regarded paediatric diabetes team that is committed to providing a high quality service."
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    “Before this, I felt isolated because I hadn’t spoken to others my age about diabetes.”

    (From our Tree of Life project)

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We know that coping with diabetes isn’t always easy. But we’re here to help you.

We’re part of a teaching hospital with state-of-the-art facilities and an award-winning team consisting of specialist doctors, nurses, psychologists and dietitians.

Our nationally-recognised service helps children and young people (up to 19 years) with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, maturity onset diabetes in the young and secondary diabetes (with steroid therapy).

  • We support children with multiple daily insulin injections.
  • We are a centre for insulin pump therapy (a more flexible alternative to injections for some).
  • We run a children’s clinic, adolescent clinic, transition clinics and intensive therapy sessions.
  • We have an adolescent ward for young people struggling with diabetes.
  • We provide integrated specialist psychological support to all young people.

Above all, we’re here to deliver a high quality and responsive diabetes service that maximises health and wellbeing for children, young people and families.

So it’s little wonder that we’re the top diabetes service in the country (National Paediatric Diabetes Audit 2011-2012).

But we can’t do it without your help – the role of both parents and patients is vital. Our long term aim is to encourage and support you as an expert diabetes carer.