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Being an adult with diabetes. UK law tells us that you become an adult on your 18th birthday. Once you are 18, you are responsible for your health decisions. Your medical team, your family and friends can help you with these decisions. We will work together with you and all letters will be written to you

Turning 18 2.pngRole of parents. Parents continue to be important after you turn 18. You can still bring parents to appointments and onto the wards. It's your choice. We can speak to your parents if they are with you in your appointments, but we also like to have some time alone with you. You can also choose to let other people help you with your health, such as a partner or a friend. Parents can no longer make decisions for you. We cannot speak to parents if they call us without you or if they email us.

Turning 18 3.pngSupport to become independent. It can be difficult to make decisions and organise your own health care. We aim to help you build up your independence by the time you turn 18 and get you ready to move to adult clinics so that when the times comes you are prepared . We use a toolkit called Ready Steady Go. We can provide extra support if you need it.

Turning 18 4.pngContact details. From your 18th birthday your hospital records must have your telephone number, your email address and your postal address. We will only contact you. Your parents can still be on your medical records as an emergency contact. You can choose who will be your emergency contact - it can be a parent, a friend or a partner.

Turning 18 5.pngMy Chart. You will become the main account holder for your MyChart account. Your parents will no longer automatically have access to your MyChart account. You can choose to let your parents, a partner, or someone else see your MyChart account. You can do this in the sharing hub on MyChart.

Turning 18 6.pngMedical exemption certificate. You continue to get free prescriptions after you turn 18. You do not need to pay for any prescriptions including insulin, antibiotics or other medicines. You will need to get a medical exemption certificate through your GP to claim free prescriptions. Please complete the form at your GP reception. They will send it away for processing and you will then receive a certificate.

Turning 18 7.pngMoving to adult clinics. Many people are having a busy time when they turn 18, doing A-levels or BTECS, starting a new job or planning to go to university. We are here to support you during this important time. You can stay with our team for the whole of year 13 and next academic year. We will help you move to an adult clinic by the end of the summer, the year after you finish Year 13.

Turning 18 8.pngSupport if you cannot make your own health decisions. We know that adults are sometimes not able to make their own health decisions. We call this "lacking capacity". There are different rules if you cannot make your own decisions.

Please tell us if you need help with health decisions. We have a specialist nurse for adults with learning difficulties who can provide support and information. You can read more about this on the NHS website or scan QR code.

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