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Carelink Personal Update 2018

Medtronic have made developments to their Carelink Personal that should simplify the uploading of your Medtronic supported device. The new CareLink™ Uploader is a small piece of software which will enable you to upload data from your Medtronic supported device directly to CareLink™ Personal without the need for Java. In order to use the new uploader, complete a one-time installation for each computer you wish to use. More information can be found here.

Dexcom funding changes – from the 9th March 2018

We have been made aware that Dexcom have contacted families directly. For clarity, this is the current position of the UCLH diabetes team.

The diabetes clinical team met with Dexcom and UCLH Procurement (08/03/2018), where the following was agreed:

  • Animas will stop providing Dexcom sensors/transmitters from April 1st 2018
  • Patients on Animas pumps wanting integrated CGM+ pump systems will need to stay on G4
  • All Dexcom sensors and transmitters will be obtained directly from Dexcom with immediate effect
  • Dexcom accounts have been set up for all existing funded patients using Dexcom
  • We now have procurement arrangements to enable us to get both G4 and G5 for patients (sensors and transmitters only)
  • The expectation is that families use their smart phone with the G5 so are unable to fund receivers
  • That we will upgrade patients if they wish, from G4 to G5, when their current transmitter warrantee expires
  • That patients wanting to transfer to G5 will need training before we supply equipment
  • Following training, families will be encouraged to order 6 months’ worth of supplies each time, to minimise shipping costs

If you have any questions or concerns relating to Dexcom supplies, please contact our diabetes service coordinator at

Changes to Ribena sugar content

Follow the changes to the sugar content of Lucozade drinks, Ribena Blackcurrant Ready To Drink and Squash will also change from 10g sugars per 100ml to 4.6g sugars per 100ml. This will have implications for hypo treatment as 320ml will be required to provide 15g carbohydrate. It is therefore no longer a suitable hypo treatment. The change will take place in February, however old and new varieties may be available to buy for some time, therefore it is very important to check the labels of bottles before treating hypos. Examples of the old and new labels are shown below.

Animas and Diabetes Care - October 2017
Many of you may have heard about Animas withdrawing from the diabetes market. At present we understand that Animas will follow with the following statement on their website:

Customers in Countries Outside U.S. and Canada
For patients, caregivers and healthcare providers outside the U.S. and Canada who currently use Animas pumps and products, Animas will continue to sell pumps and operate as usual, and nothing changes for now.

We will monitor this and update this post as time progresses.

Medtronic enlite availability update (July 2017)

We have been having meetings with Medtronic regarding enlite availability. As you may be aware, Medtronic are experiencing limited availability of stock, due to having a significant increase in demand internationally. Medtronic believe that supply constraints are likely to remain for some months.

This is going to impact on the diabetes service at UCLH for new patients starting on CGM and we apologise for this. However, Medtronic have assured us that patients already using enlite sensors will be able to continue ordering sensors. UCLH ask that families follow advice given by Medtronic and that you continue to order sensors based on your previous usage and ordering patterns.

Medtronic diabetes care team is available from 08:30 to 17:00 to provide additional support and answer questions. They can be contacted on 01923 205 167 (option 5)

There has been some important safety information regarding NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5 insulin pens.

Novo Nordisk has detected that the insulin cartridge holder used in a small number of NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5 batches may crack or break if exposed to certain chemicals, for example certain cleaning agents. If you use these pens, please check your pen's batch number to determine whether your pen is affected and needs changing. For instructions of where to find the batch number and to request a replacement cartridge holder, go to:

EN ISO 15197: 2015 compliant self-monitoring blood glucose meters and testing strips

In 2013, the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) revised their quality standards for self-monitoring blood glucose meters to provide stricter accuracy criteria. A transition period was allowed but all new blood glucose meters are expected to meet these standards. Whilst non-compliant meters should not have been produced in the last year, some of the meters are still in circulation and associated test strips were available on prescription. As of 30th of June 2017, affected strips are no longer supplied by the manufacturers.

Current blood glucose meters supplied by the paediatric and adolescent diabetes team, meet these new criteria (e.g. Contour next; Aviva Expert; freestyle optium neo and Accu-Chek mobile). However, if you have an older meter and have concerns please speak either to your GP or the diabetes team.

Changes to Lucozade Energy - New Hypoglycaemia treatment guidelines

Lucozade energy original and Lucozade energy orange will contain 50% less glucose from the 1st April 2017. The amount needed to treat hypoglycaemia will change.

Check the label of all Lucozade bought after 1st April as both new and old formulation will be available to buy until stocks of ‘old’ product run out.

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Hypo treatment guidelines: New formulation Lucozade