How to refer - Prosthodontics 

Referral contact address:

Eastman Central Registry for Appointments (ECRA)
Eastman Dental Hospital
256 Gray's Inn Road
London WC1X 8LD

Telephone: 020 3456 2300
Fax: 020 3456 2383

Urgent referrals should be clearly marked and are given priority

Referrals must include details of treatment that has been initiated and any difficulties encountered.  

Waiting times: Routine referrals – 8 weeks

Criteria for acceptance for treatment:

  • Congenital abnormalities of the dental tissues eg clefts
  • Acquired orofacial defects;  eg road traffic accidents, cancer surgery
  • Advanced tooth surface loss
  • Occlusal disorders
  • Complex prosthetic problems
  • Patients with multidisciplinary problems; eg hypodontia

Patients with poor oral hygiene, unstable and primary caries, and those with previously failed crown and bridgework will not normally be accepted for treatment

Access to patient results

Results of investigations are included within patient letters.