Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
FOI201762Response FOI201762 Private or self-funded services for patients Patients 26/01/2017
FOI201768Response FOI201768 Vehicles provided to staff Transport 30/01/2017
FOI201769Response FOI201769 A&E attendances by patients with mental health related issues Patients 30/01/2017
FOI201770Response FOI201770 Recycling of medical (eg crutches, wheelchairs etc) Patients 30/01/2017
FOI201771Response FOI201771 Cataract and glaucoma operations Patient treatment 30/01/2017
FOI201772Response FOI201772 The Carter Report Trust services 30/01/2017
FOI201775Response FOI201775 Lossess and special payments Finance 31/01/2017
FOI201776Response FOI201776 Serious incidents and deaths of patients with a learning disability Clinical governance 31/01/2017
FOI201777Response FOI201777 Honoray contracts Human resources 31/01/2017
FOI201779Response FOI201779 Arthritis treatments for patients Patient treatment 31/01/2017
FOI201780Response FOI201780 Training on the Prevent Strategy Human resources 31/01/2017
FOI201774Response FOI201774 Maternity services Maternity services 31/01/2017
FOI201781Response FOI201781 Salaries of ICT staff Human resources 01/02/2017
FOI201782Response FOI201782 Maternity services Maternity services 01/02/2017
FOI201784Response FOI201784 Premature births Maternity services 02/02/2017
FOI201785Response FOI201785 Opthalmology treatments Patient treatment 03/02/2017
FOI201796Response FOI201796 IT middle management organisational structure Human resources 06/02/2017
FOI201786Response FOI201786 EU national staff leaving posts Human resources 06/02/2017
FOI201790Response FOI201790 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Library and Information Service refurbishment Estates and Facilities 06/02/2017
FOI201788Response FOI201788 Patient discharge Patients 06/02/2017
FOI201789Response FOI201789 Serious incidents Clinical governance 06/02/2017
FOI201791Response FOI201791 IVF treatment Trust services 06/02/2017
FOI201793Response FOI201793 Delayed transfer of care Patients 06/02/2017
FOI201794Response FOI201794 Security seals/tamper evident tags Procurement 06/02/2017
FOI201795Response FOI201795 Patient administration system Information technology 06/02/2017
FOI201798Response FOI201798 Numbers of nursing staff Human resources 07/02/2017
FOI201799Response FOI201799 Outbreak of organisms in hospitals Infection control 07/02/2017
FOI2017102Response FOI2017102 Junk food and snacks Trust services 08/02/2017
FOI2017105Response FOI2017105 Hospital security Security 08/02/2017
FOI2017107Response FOI2017107 Number of physical attacks on staff, patients and visitors Security 09/02/2017
FOI2017109Response FOI2017109 Asbestos in buildings and claims by staff Estates and Facilities 09/02/2017
FOI2017110Response FOI2017110 DNRs placed upon patients Patients 09/02/2017
FOI2017111Response FOI2017111 Trust maintenance and pest control services Estates and Facilities 10/02/2017
FOI2017112Response FOI2017112 Trust policies Trust policy 10/02/2017
FOI2017114Response FOI2017114 Cardiology electrophysiology equipment Procurement 10/02/2017
FOI2017115Response FOI2017115 Publications relating to learning from complaints, claims, incidents, serious incidents, events and inquests Trust publications 10/02/2017
FOI2017132Response FOI2017132 Photocopiers, multifunction devices and printers Information technology 12/02/2017
FOI2017116Response FOI2017116 IT provision and IT budget Information technology 13/02/2017
FOI2017117Response FOI2017117 Freedom of Information Act requests Trust services 14/02/2017
FOI2017118Response FOI2017118 A&E staff and beds Emergency Services 14/02/2017
FOI2017121Response FOI2017121 Serious untoward incidents Clinical governance 15/02/2017
FOI2017119Response FOI2017119 Diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer disease patients Patients 15/02/2017
FOI2017122Response FOI2017122 British sign language interpretors Interpretation 16/02/2017
FOI2017123Response FOI2017123 Information on the price paid, total expenditure and total volume held of Cyanide antidotes, Levothyroxine and Primidone medications Pharmacy 16/02/2017
FOI2017124Response FOI2017124 Endoscopy systems Information technology 16/02/2017
FOI2017125Response FOI2017125 Restraint of patients Patient safety 16/02/2017
FOI2017126Response FOI2017126 Staff infected by blood-borne virus by patients Infection control 16/02/2017
FOI2017127Response FOI2017127 Superbug infections Infection control 16/02/2017
FOI2017128Response FOI2017128 Learning disability training Human resources 17/02/2017
FOI2017129Response FOI2017129 Water hygiene Estates and Facilities 20/02/2017