Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
FOI2017195Response FOI2017195 Patients attending A&E in mental crisis or after self-harming Patients 20/03/2017
FOI2017197Response FOI2017197 Women receiving lumpectomies and mastectomies Patient treatment 20/03/2017
FOI2017198Response FOI2017198 Carbapenemase-producing organisms Infection control 21/03/2017
FOI2017200Response FOI2017200 Falls prevention and rheumatology patients Trust services 21/03/2017
FOI2017203Response FOI2017203 Consultants working in the community Human resources 21/03/2017
FOI2017204Response FOI2017204 Children treated for alcohol or drug related issues Patient treatment 21/03/2017
FOI2017207Response FOI2017207 Patients referred for IVF treatment Patient treatment 22/03/2017
FOI2017208Response FOI2017208 Patient meals Trust services 22/03/2017
FOI2017210Response FOI2017210 Usage of antibiotics Pharmacy 22/03/2017
FOI2017214Response FOI2017214 Details of the heads of estates and capital project managers Human resources 23/03/2017
FOI2017217Response FOI2017217 Babies born with drug addiction or drug dependency Patients 27/03/2017
FOI2017218Response FOI2017218 Patients diagnosed as being on the foetal alcohol spectrum Patients 27/03/2017
FOI2017219Response FOI2017219 Haemophilia patients treated Patient treatment 27/03/2017
FOI2017222Response FOI2017222 Insulin pump therapy Trust services 28/03/2017
FOI2017223Response FOI2017223 Patients not eligible for NHS care Patients 29/03/2017
FOI2017224Response FOI2017224 Expenditure on validation of RTT codes Finance 29/03/2017
FOI2017225Response FOI2017225 Data capture in operating theatres Surgery 29/03/2017
FOI2017228Response FOI2017228 Contract for the dental laboratory managed service Procurement 30/03/2017
FOI2017232Response FOI2017232 Tenders for the collection and Simpson of waste Procurement 31/03/2017
FOI2017238Response FOI2017238 A&E attendances for snakebites Patients 04/04/2017
FOI2017239Response FOI2017239 Provision of non-emergency patient transfer services Procurement 04/04/2017
FOI2017241Response FOI2017241 Cost of treating accident victims Finance 04/04/2017
FOI2017242Response FOI2017242 Podiatry services Trust services 04/04/2017
FOI2017243Response FOI2017243 A&E beds and services; overseas patients Emergency Services 05/04/2017
FOI2017245Response FOI2017245 Foot protection service Trust services 05/04/2017
FOI2017248Response FOI2017248 Cataract procedures and supplier of infra ocular lenses Patients 05/04/2017
FOI2017255Response FOI2017255 Closure of maternity services and lack of provision of a midwife for a home birth Maternity services 07/04/2017
FOI2017253Response FOI2017253 Patients treated for malaria, cholera, ebola and typhoid Patients 07/04/2017
FOI2017256Response FOI2017256 Training fellowship posts within the Radiology department Imaging 07/04/2017
FOI2017257Response FOI2017257 Public health funerals Bereavement services 07/04/2017
FOI2017259Response FOI2017259 Prescribed annual units of aero chamber with and without mask Patient treatment 10/04/2017
FOI2017261Response FOI2017261 Pager services Procurement 10/04/2017
FOI2017262Response FOI2017262 MRI scanners Procurement 10/04/2017
FOI2017263Response FOI2017263 Self-administration of medicines policies and carers policies Trust policy 11/04/2017
FOI2017264Response FOI2017266 Viscosupplementation injections Patient treatment 12/04/2017
FOI2017265Response FOI2017265 Mammography service Trust services 12/04/2017
FOI2017271Response FOI2017271 Expenditure with Hygiene Solutions Ltd Finance 13/04/2017
FOI2017272Response FOI20172017 Temporary staffing Human resources 13/04/2017
FOI2017274Response FOI2017274 Cryptococcal Meningitis cases Patients 18/04/2017
FOI2017275Response FOI2017275 Joint Ventures, SEPs, wholly owned subsidiaries Trust planning 18/04/2017
FOI2017276Response FOI2017276 External delivery of ophthalmology services Trust services 18/04/2017
FOI2017289Response FOI2017289 Trust Equality and Diversity policy Trust policy 24/04/2017
FOI2017293Response FOI2017293 System used to manage FOI requests Information technology 25/04/2017
FOI2017294Response FOI2017294 Contactors and subcontractors working on the Phase 4 and proton therapy beam Estates and Facilities 25/04/2017
FOI2017295Response FOI2017295 A&E attendances for acopia Patients 25/04/2017
FOI2017296Response FOI2017296 Contracts for the redevelopment of the Middlesex annexe and Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine Procurement 26/04/2017
FOI2017299Response FOI2017299 Artificial urinary sphincter implants Patient treatment 28/04/2017
FOI2017305Response FOI2017305 Fire safety and training, fire alarms Safety 02/05/2017
FOI2017300Response FOI2017300 Sustainability and transformation Trust planning 02/05/2017
FOI2017307Response FOI2017307 Televisions for patients Trust services 03/05/2017