Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2019.101 Response FOI/2019/101 Exception report Human resources 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.103 Response FOI/2019/103 Catering, cleaning and porting services Estates and Facilities 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.97 Response FOI/2019/97 Junior doctors contract Human resources 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.142 Response FOI/2019/142 GID - Young Person Information Sheet Patients 13/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.108 Response FOI/2019/108 Graduated compression hosiery spend Finance 14/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.109 Response FOI/2019/109 Digital dictation Information technology 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.110 Response FOI/2019/110 Cladding on buildings Estates and Facilities 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.112 Response FOI/2019/112 Distribution of disposable or reusable nappies Maternity services 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.113 Response FOI/2019/113 FOI Complaints Policy Complaints 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.117 Response FOI/2019/117 Brain tumour patient operations Cancer 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.122 Response FOI/2019/122 Deep vein thrombosis Patient treatment 19/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.125 Response FOI/2019/125 Software tools used to administer meetings Information technology 19/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.127 Response FOI/2019/127 Colonoscopies performed Patient treatment 19/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.132 Response FOI/2019/132 Patient transport Transport 21/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.133 Response FOI/2019/133 A&E Attendance for weapon/assault wounds Emergency Services 21/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.146 Response FOI/2019/146 Bowel care for patients Patient safety 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.138 Response FOI/2019/138 Negligence claims deep vein thrombosis Clinical governance 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.141 Response FOI/2019/141 Breast augmentation compensation claims Clinical governance 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.140 Response FOI/2019/140 Spend for temporary and locum staff Human resources 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.145 Response FOI/2019/145 Assisted suicide impact assessment Clinical governance 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.134 Response FOI/2019/134 Diabeties specialist nurses audit Trust services 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.139 Response FOI/2019/139 Assault by sharp object Emergency Services 25/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.148 Response FOI/2019/148 Autism assessment times Trust services 26/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.150 Response FOI/2019/150 Community midwife medical equipment Maternity services 26/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.153 Response FOI/2019/153 Infant formula milk Maternity services 27/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.161 Response FOI/2019/161 Procurement of pre-printed stationery Procurement 04/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.160 Response FOI/2019/160 Retinopathy of prematurity Trust protocol Trust policy 04/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.165 Response FOI/2019/165 Gifts, hopsitality and emoluments received Human resources 06/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.166 Response FOI/2019/166 Midwifery spend Finance 06/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.170 Response FOI/2019/170 Infectious diseases diagnositc tests Infection control 06/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.180 Response FOI/2019/180 Patient Discharge Patient safety 12/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.123 Response FOI/2019/123 Distribution of disposable or reusable nappies Maternity services 14/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.188 Response FOI/2019/188 Process Automation and PEPPOL Procurement 14/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.189 Response FOI/2019/189 Bank Staff Use Human resources 15/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.191 Response FOI/2019/191 Physical and non-physical assaults on staff Security 16/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.193 Response FOI/2019/193 Charging Patients for Treatment Finance 19/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.195 Response FOI/2019/195 Audiology Service Trust services 20/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.198 Response FOI/2019/198 OPCS Code Patient Procedures Patient treatment 21/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.199 Response FOI/2019/199 Employed Female Staff 45+ Human resources 21/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.200 Response FOI/2019/200 Vyxeos Therapy for patients with AML Pharmacy 25/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.207 Response FOI/2019/207 Trust's Clinical Systems Information technology 26/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.241 Response FOI/2019/241 Acute Stoke Units in London Trust services 28/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.240 Response FOI/2019/240 Clinical Waste Management Safety 29/03/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.247 Response FOI/2019/247 Polymer Clips Suppliers Procurement 02/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.251 Response FOI/2019/251 Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis Cardiac Services 02/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.256 Response FOI/2019/256 Security Staff Security 03/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.258 Response FOI/2019/258 Haemodialysis and Dialysis Service Trust services 04/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.259 Response FOI/2019/259 Verification for patient related telephone enquiries Information governance 04/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.287 Response FOI/2019/287 Patient transport service Transport 05/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.262 Response FOI/2019/262 Management Guidelines for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and preterm labour Maternity services 05/04/2019