Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2024.0200 Response FOI/2024/0200 - Learning disability service review/ benchmarking Trust services 28/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0203 Response FOI/2024/0203 - Registered nurses employed by Trust by AfC pay band Human resources 28/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0204 Response FOI/2024/0204 - Clinical insourcing for audiology and pathology Trust services 29/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0206 Response FOI/2024/0206 - Trusts budget allocated for cancer funding 2019/20-2023/24 Trust planning 29/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0207 Response FOI/2024/0207 - Physician Associates and prescribing/ ionising radiation Patient safety 29/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0208 Response FOI/2024/0208 - Policy for staff working abroad Trust policy 29/02/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0211 Response FOI/2024/0211 - Acute admissions of women aged 18 to 35 for gynaecology, urology or general surgery 2013-2023 Women's health 04/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0214 Response FOI/2024/0214 - Treatment for myeloproliferative neoplasms Pharmacy 04/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0215 Response FOI/2024/0215 - Agency nursing shifts Band 2 and Band 5 from April 2023 to March 2024 Human resources 04/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0219 Response FOI/2024/0219 - Incidence and treatment of colorectal cancer Cancer 05/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0221 Response FOI/2024/0221 - Inbound patient enquiries Trust services 05/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0223 Response FOI/2024/0223 - Treatment of cancer secondary care Cancer 05/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0224 Response FOI/2024/0224 - Mailing address for Cardiology department Human resources 06/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0225 Response FOI/2024/0255 - Patient Administration Systems (PAS)/ Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems Information technology 06/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0227 Response FOI/2024/0227 - Obsterics staffing 2015/16-2022/23 Human resources 06/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0228 Response FOI/2024/0228 - Radiology Information Systems (RIS) software Information technology 06/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0230 Response FOI/2024/0230 - Physician Associate/ Anaesthesia Associate prescribing medication 2022/23-2023/24 Human resources 07/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0231 Response FOI/2024/0231 - Property assets/ land owned Estates and facilities 07/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0232 Response FOI/2024/0232 - Freedom of Information requests and staffing 2020/21-2022/23 Human resources 07/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0234 Response FOI/2024/0234 - Take-home naloxone policy Trust policy 08/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0235 Response FOI/2024/0235 - LLP/ Wholly owned subsidiary/ PFI Estates and facilities 08/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0236 Response FOI/2024/0236 - Spending/ supplier/ contract of language services 2019/20-2022/23 Procurement 08/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0237 Response FOI/2024/0237 - Staff access to NHS intranet Information technology 08/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0238 Response FOI/2024/0238 - Haematology and immunoglobulin treatments Pharmacy 08/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0240 Response FOI/2024/0240 - Complex home care packages 2019/20-2023/24 Trust services 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0241 Response FOI/2024/0241 - Outsourced MRI or CT radiology reporting Imaging 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0243 Response FOI/2024/0243 - Pathology laboratory service/ information system at Trust Procurement 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0244 Response FOI/2024/0244 - Thornbury Nursing services January 2024-March 2024 Procurement 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0246 Response FOI/2024/0246 - Gastric and gastro-oesophageal/ non-small cell lung/ renal cell carcinoma cancer treatments Cancer 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0248 Response FOI/2024/0248 - Staff homelessness Human resources 11/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0253 Response FOI/2024/0253 - IT systems LIMS, MIS, OIS Information technology 12/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0254 Response FOI/2024/0255 - Urothelial and endometrial cancer treatments Cancer 12/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0255 Response FOI/2024/0255 - Ingenica stock management system in theatres Trust services 12/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0258 Response FOI/2024/0258 - Agency/ bank supplier and ethical business practices Human resources 13/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0259 Response FOI/2024/0259 - Clinical attachments for international medical graduates Human resources 13/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0260 Response FOI/2024/0260 - Speech and language therapy wait list 2019-2021 Patients 13/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0262 Response FOI/2024/0262 - Wait times for admit and admission in A&E Emergency services 13/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0263 Response FOI/2024/0263 - Longest wait for ophthalmology pathway treatment Patients 13/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0266 Response FOI/2024/0266 - Glioblastoma research/ trials Research and development 14/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0267 Response FOI/2024/0267 - Bipolar forceps used in neurosurgical, spinal and cranial procedures Procurement 14/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0268 Response FOI/2024/0268 - Module on imaging offered to PAs as training in requesting ionising radiation Human resources 14/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0271 Response FOI/2024/0271 - MyChart account Patients 14/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0273 Response FOI/2024/0273 - Covid restrictions for visitors at Elizabeth Garret Anderson (EGA) from December 2021-June 2022 Covid-19 18/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0274 Response FOI/2024/0274 - Number of endoscopes at Trust Procurement 18/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0275 Response FOI/2024/0275 - Sterile services agency supply/ usage Human resources 18/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0277 Response FOI/2024/0277 - Paediatric respiratory admission rates 2018-2023 Patients 19/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0278 Response FOI/2024/0278 - Research for rare disease services 2018/19-2022/23 Research and development 20/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0279 Response FOI/2024/0279 - Social media management platforms and tools Procurement 20/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0281 Response FOI/2024/0281 - Cashiers/ general office Trust services 20/03/2024
Ref no FOI.2024.0283 Response FOI/2024/0283 - Cyber security/ cyber attack Security 20/03/2024