Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2019.291 Response FOI/2019/291 Guidelines for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and pre-term labour Maternity services 09/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.292 Response FOI/2019/292 Sickness and Absence Policy Human resources 10/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.298 Response FOI/2019/298 DMT Therapy for MS patients Patient treatment 11/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.299 Response FOI/2019/299 Digital Dictation Service Information technology 11/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.295 Response FOI/2019/295 Band 5 EU Registered Nurses Human resources 11/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.296 Response FOI/2019/296 Trust spend on 3rd party suppliers Finance 11/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.300 Response FOI/2019/300 Weight of newborn babies Information technology 12/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.305 Response FOI/2019/305 Laparoscopic Suction Irrigation devices Procurement 15/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.306 Response FOI/2019/306 Non fire retardant cladding on Trust buildings Estates and Facilities 15/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.312 Response FOI/2019/312 Ultra Low Emission Zone charges Finance 16/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.310 Response FOI/2019/310 Spend on clinical insourcing companies Finance 16/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.311 Response FOI/2019/311 Candida Auris reported cases Infection control 16/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.315 Response FOI/2019/315 Core beds open and occupied Trust services 17/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.317 Response FOI/2019/317 Car park management Estates and Facilities 18/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.318 Response FOI/2019/318 Radiology Department IV contract media Clinical governance 18/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.319 Response FOI/2019/319 Cath Lab procedures/patients/staff Cardiac Services 18/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.320 Response FOI/2019/320 ICT vendors and applications Information technology 23/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.327 Response FOI/2019/327 Job descriptions for maternity support staff Human resources 24/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.325 Response FOI/2019/325 Motorbike parking charges for staff Human resources 24/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.326 Response FOI/2019/326 Paediatric audiology services Trust services 24/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.328 Response FOI/2019/328 Public sector projects Estates and Facilities 25/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.329 Response FOI/2019/329 Contracts for works in Built Environment Estates and Facilities 26/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.330 Response FOI/2019/330 Searching Patients' Belongings at ED Security 26/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.334 Response FOI/2019/334 MRIs and CTs scan waiting times Imaging 29/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.335 Response FOI/2019/335 Private Patients Policy Trust policy 29/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.340 Response FOI/2019/340 Support for homeless patients Patients 30/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.338 Response FOI/2019/338 Adult Deaths/Autopsies 2017-2018 Patients 30/04/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.346 Response FOI/2019/346 Infection control for dental instruments Infection control 03/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.345 Response FOI/2019/345 Adult Neuro-rehabilitation Neurology 03/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.353 Response FOI/2019/353 Fossil fuel use Estates and Facilities 07/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.354 Response FOI/2019/354 3rd party suppliers spend for electrical services Finance 08/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.355 Response FOI/2019/355 Protocols for management of patients taking NOACs Clinical governance 08/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.356 Response FOI/2019/356 Policy/Procedure for Privacy Officer role Information governance 09/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.357 Response FOI/2019/357 Recording in-patients who served in the UK Armed Forces Patients 09/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.358 Response FOI/2019/358 Operation information performed by Prof Saeed Trust publications 10/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.368 Response FOI/2019/368 Direct Engagement model Finance 15/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.369 Response FOI/2019/369 PACS System Information technology 15/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.372 Response FOI/2019/372 Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis Pharmacy 16/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.373 Response FOI/2019/373 Finance structure Organisational structures 16/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.381 Response FOI/2019/381 Treatment for lung disease Patient treatment 20/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.385 Response FOI/2019/385 ReSPECT Form Human resources 21/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.387 Response FOI/2019/387 CT and DEXA provisions Imaging 21/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.386 Response FOI/2019/386 TRACCS Human resources 21/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.393 Response FOI/2019/393 GP Streaming in A&E Emergency Services 24/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.399 Response FOI/2019/399 Phase 4 & PBT contractors Estates and Facilities 29/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.400 Response FOI/2019/400 NHS pension scheme Finance 29/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.402 Response FOI/2019/402 Cancellation of Out-patient appointments Patient safety 30/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.403 Response FOI/2019/403 Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Cancer 30/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.404 Response FOI/2019/404 Fleet hire/lease Estates and Facilities 30/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.409 Response FOI/2019/409 Trust expenditure over 25k Finance 03/06/2019