Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

If you have any comments or queries about the log please contact uclh.foi@nhs.net

Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2020.0244 Response FOI/2020/0244 - Whistleblowing contacts Human resources 28/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0242 Response FOI/2020/0242 - Security and training spend Finance 27/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0243 Response FOI/2020/0243 - Various Trust policies Trust policy 27/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0241 Response FOI/2020/0241 - Data analytics to support Covid-19 response Clinical governance 24/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0240 Response FOI/2020/0240 - Medical device repair spend Finance 23/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0237 Response FOI/2020/0237 - Agency staff spend Human resources 20/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0235 Response FOI/2020/0235 - Outsourcing of cleaners, caterers, porters or security guards Procurement 17/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0236 Response FOI/2020/0236 - Various departments and their hospital sites Trust services 17/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0234 Response FOI/2020/0234 - Annual Allowance and ‘Alternative Payment’ Policy Trust policy 15/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0232 Response FOI/2020/0232 - Number of working ventilators at Trust Safety 09/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0229 Response FOI/2020/0229 - Trust spend for 2018/19 and 2019/20 Finance 08/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0230 Response FOI/2020/0230 - Change and transformation projects or programmes Human resources 08/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0227 Response FOI/2020/0227 - Hotel for patients policy Trust policy 07/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0224 Response FOI/2020/0224 - Hospital grounds smoking ban Estates and Facilities 02/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0223 Response FOI/2020/0223 - Hospital beds Trust services 01/04/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0222 Response FOI/2020/0222 - Radiology and chemotherapy policies 2012/13 Trust policy 31/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0220 Response FOI/2020/0220 - Various organisational charts Organisational structures 30/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0218 Response FOI/2020/0218 - Drug treatments for asthma patients Pharmacy 27/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0216 Response FOI/2020/0216 - One stop clinics and straight to test Trust services 25/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0217 Response FOI/2020/0217 - Bed and theatre capacity Trust services 25/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0214 Response FOI/2020/0214 - Recruitment for the bank and agency Human resources 24/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0215 Response FOI/2020/0215 - Local Area Network (LAN) contract Information technology 24/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0211 Response FOI/2020/0211 - Senior staff - Trauma and Orthopaedic Human resources 23/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0212 Response FOI/2020/0212 - Zero hour contracts Human resources 23/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0213 Response FOI/2020/0213 - Language services Interpretation 23/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0208 Response FOI/2020/0208 - Internal bank spend Human resources 20/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0209 Response FOI/2020/0209 - Agency staff in audiology department Human resources 20/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0210 Response FOI/2020/0210 - Surgical volumes for colonoscopy - 2019 Surgery 20/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0205 Response FOI/2020/0205 - List of hospital consultants Human resources 19/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0206 Response FOI/2020/0206 - Sleep apnoea patients Patient treatment 19/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0207 Response FOI/2020/0207 - Nutrition and dietetic policies Trust policy 19/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0201 Response FOI/2020/0201 - List of adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilators Procurement 18/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0202 Response FOI/2020/0202 - IT hardware, software and services Information technology 18/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0203 Response FOI/2020/0203 - Mobile healthcare facilities Trust services 18/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0200 Response FOI/2020/0200 - Ovarian cancer treatment Cancer 17/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0197 Response FOI/2020/0197 - Patients referred by UCLH to Havens Patients 13/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0198 Response FOI/2020/0198 - Telephony and mobile phones Information technology 13/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0196 Response FOI/2020/0196 - Surgical and general specialist tables Procurement 11/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0191 Response FOI/2020/0191 - Dealing with coronavirus cases flu pandemic plan Infection control 10/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0193 Response FOI/2020/0193 - Teleradiology companies used and/or contracts Imaging 10/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0194 Response FOI/2020/0194 - Maternity care charges for patients Maternity services 10/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0185 Response FOI/2020/0185 - Medical students in emergency planning of major incidents Human resources 09/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0187 Response FOI/2020/0187 - Trac systems e-recruitment software Information technology 09/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0186 Response FOI/2020/0186 - Spend of all interim/contractor IT staff 2019/20 Finance 09/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0188 Response FOI/2020/0188 - Chronic migraine treatment/prescribing Patient treatment 09/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0189 Response FOI/2020/0189 - Cannabis-based products for medicinal use Clinical governance 09/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0180 Response FOI/2020/0180 - Maternal mortality rates Maternity services 06/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0181 Response FOI/2020/0181 - Medical repatriation services Procurement 06/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0182 Response FOI/2020/0182 - Eectronic pre-operative system Information technology 06/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0184 Response FOI/2020/0184 - Bank and agency recruitment Human resources 06/03/2020