Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2020.0056 Response FOI/2020/0056 - IV MgSO4 for pre-eclampsia /pre-term labour Maternity services 21/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0058 Response FOI/2020/0058 - Souvenir baby scan photos Maternity services 21/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0059 Response FOI/2020/0059 - Mandatory and statutory training Information Trust services 21/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0053 Response FOI/2020/0053 - Losses and special payments Finance 20/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0055 Response FOI/2020/0055 - Postponing non-urgent surgery procedures Surgery 20/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0054 Response FOI/2020/0054 - Information Goverance personnel Information governance 20/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0052 Response FOI/2020/0052 - Suspected sepsis treated with antibiotics Patient safety 20/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0047 Response FOI/2020/0047 - OPEL - Level 4 Clinical governance 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0048 Response FOI/2020/0048 - Haemophilia A or B patients Patients 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0046 Response FOI/2020/0046 - Protocols for nursing care of vascular catheters in ICU patients Trust services 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0049 Response FOI/2020/0049 - Maternity services and Deliveroo Maternity services 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0050 Response FOI/2020/0050 - A&E waiting times Emergency Services 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0051 Response FOI/2020/0051 - Adult eating disorder waiting times Patients 17/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0040 Response FOI/2020/0040 - Junior doctor rotations Human resources 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0041 Response FOI/2020/0041 - Selling surplus medical devices Procurement 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0042 Response FOI/2020/0042 - Sodium chloride for treatment of corneal oedema Pharmacy 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0043 Response FOI/2020/0043 - Stranded patients Patients 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0044 Response FOI/2020/0044 - Gastro biologics Pharmacy 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0045 Response FOI/2020/0045 - Head and neck cancer treatment Cancer 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0034 Response FOI/2020/0034 - Insourcing Procurement 15/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0036 Response FOI/2020/0036 - Non-invasive prenatal testing Maternity services 15/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0039 Response FOI/2020/0039 - Digital applications/ virtual consultations Information technology 15/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0037 Response FOI/2020/0037 - UCLH NHS Trust and Google Health Information governance 15/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0033 Response FOI/2020/0033 - Master vendor provider Human resources 14/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0029 Response FOI/2020/0029 - Epilepsy treatment/procedures Patient treatment 13/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0030 Response FOI/2020/0030 - Management of paper and digital health records Information technology 13/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0028 Response FOI/2020/0028 - Patient deaths Clinical governance 12/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0023 Response FOI/2020/0023 - Maternal mortality by race Maternity services 10/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0024 Response FOI/2020/0024 - MRI facilities Trust services 10/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0025 Response FOI/2020/0025 - Immigration health surcharge Human resources 10/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0026 Response FOI/2020/0026 - Total number of DoLS referrals Patient safety 10/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0027 Response FOI/2020/0027 - Organisational use of job planning Human resources 10/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0019 Response FOI/2020/0019 - Complaints - UCLH Bank Partners Human resources 09/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0020 Response FOI/2020/0020 - Consultant radiologist Human resources 09/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0021 Response FOI/2020/0021 - Sexual assaults on patients and staff Security 09/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0022 Response FOI/2020/0022 - Infant mortality rates per hospital Maternity services 09/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0016 Response FOI/2020/0016 - Guidelines on managing drug dependent patients Clinical governance 07/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0017 Response FOI/2020/0017 - Job description for Trust Secretary Human resources 07/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0008 Response FOI/2020/0008 - Venous thromboembolism treatment protocol and volumes Pharmacy 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0009 Response FOI/2020/0009 - Recruitment drives abroad Human resources 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0010 Response FOI/2020/0010 - Accident & Emergency Emergency Services 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0011 Response FOI/2020/0011 - Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) system Information technology 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0012 Response FOI/2020/0012 - Prescribing data for CBPMs Pharmacy 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0013 Response FOI/2020/0013 - High attendance rates at A&E Emergency Services 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0014 Response FOI/2020/0014 - Services for pelvic radiation disease Cancer 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0015 Response FOI/2020/0015 - Patients with dental problems at A&E Emergency Services 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0007 Response FOI/2020/0007 - Radical radiotherapy to the breast or chestwall Cancer 05/01/2020
Ref No FOI.2020.0005 Response FOI/2020/0005 - Clinical negligence claims Clinical governance 03/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0006 Response FOI/2020/0006 - Facilities management Estates and Facilities 03/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0002 Response FOI/2020/0002 - Surgical tools left inside patients Clinical governance 02/01/2020