Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

If you have any comments or queries about the log please contact uclh.foi@nhs.net

Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2020.0003 Response FOI/2020/0003 - Volunteers services staffing Human resources 02/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0001 Response FOI/2020/0001 - Policies on employment references Human resources 01/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0004 Response FOI/2020/0004 - Referrals to foodbanks Patients 01/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2019.627 Response FOI/2019/627 Medical speciality management structure chart Organisational structures 22/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.606 Response FOI/2019/606 Training for non-clinical staff on charging regulations Finance 14/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.597 Response FOI/2019/597 In-house stop smoking service for patients Trust services 09/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.591 Response FOI/2019/591 PACS system Information technology 07/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.556 Response FOI/2019/556 Maintenance, repairs and servicing for medical devices Trust services 06/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.577 Response FOI/2019/577 Adult diabetes MDTs Patient safety 06/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.578 Response FOI/2019/578 Parking spaces and contracts Estates and Facilities 06/08/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.545 Response FOI/2019/545 First appointment DNAs Patients 29/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.553 Response FOI/2019/553 HoFH patients diagnosis and treatment Patient treatment 25/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.546 Response FOI/2019/546 ED attendance for mental health issues Emergency Services 23/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.541 Response FOI/2019/541 Cremation forms Trust services 22/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.543 Response FOI/2019/543 Finance structure chart Organisational structures 22/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.539 Response FOI/2019/539 Pressure area care equipment contracts Procurement 19/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.534 Response FOI/2019/534 Order Communication system Information technology 18/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.535 Response FOI/2019/535 NICE Guidance DG34 Tumour Profiling Test - breast cancer Cancer 18/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.537 Response FOI/2019/537 Trust procurement procedures Procurement 18/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.529 Response FOI/2019/529 Patient data shared with Home Office Clinical governance 17/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.530 Response FOI/2019/530 Reasonable adjustment services for disabled staff Human resources 17/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.532 Response FOI/2019/532 EPR system Information technology 17/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.524 Response FOI/2019/524 UCLH Phase 5 contractors Estates and Facilities 16/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.514 Response FOI/2019/514 Benchmarking tool Information technology 15/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.516 Response FOI/2019/516 TMS and SCS protocols, guidelines and treatment pathways Neurology 15/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.520 Response FOI/2019/520 Care pathway for Down Syndrome pregnancies Maternity services 15/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.522 Response FOI/2019/522 Contract for CCTV maintenance and support Finance 15/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.512 Response FOI/2019/512 Referrals and delays for IBS Patient treatment 11/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.502 Response FOI/2019/502 Bank staff solution Human resources 09/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.505 Response FOI/2019/505 Casenote Tracking System Information technology 09/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.506 Response FOI/2019/506 Pessaries Patient treatment 09/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.499 Response FOI/2019/499 Trust procurement system Procurement 08/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.488 Response FOI/2019/488 Complaints Policy Complaints 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.490 Response FOI/2019/490 Consultants employed at Trust Human resources 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.489 Response FOI/2019/489 Information Governance function Organisational structures 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.491 Response FOI/2019/491 Use of agency staff Human resources 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.492 Response FOI/2019/492 Instant messaging and communications Information technology 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.493 Response FOI/2019/493 Video conferencing system Information technology 02/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.476 Response FOI/2019/476 Surgical Trays Decontamination/Sterilisation Infection control 01/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.484 Response FOI/2019/484 Homless patients admitted to ED Emergency Services 01/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.486 Response FOI/2019/486 Trust parking Estates and Facilities 01/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.477 Response FOI/2019/477 Audiology service provisions Trust services 28/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.480 Response FOI/2019/480 Diagnositc Radiology Dept Imaging 28/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.468 Response FOI/2019/468 Rheumatoid Arthritis biologic pathway Pharmacy 26/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.471 Response FOI/2019/471 Decontamination/Sterilisation Infection control 26/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.463 Response FOI/2019/463 Imaging Department staffing Imaging 25/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.466 Response FOI/2019/466 UCLH/North Central London Joint Formulary Trust services 25/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.457 Response FOI/2019/457 Invoiced income to non-EU overseas visitors Finance 21/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.458 Response FOI/2019/458 Patient Records Information technology 21/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.461 Response FOI/2019/461 Missed Outpatient appointments Patients 20/06/2019