Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2019.110 Response FOI/2019/110 Cladding on buildings Estates and Facilities 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.112 Response FOI/2019/112 Distribution of disposable or reusable nappies Maternity services 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.113 Response FOI/2019/113 FOI Complaints Policy Complaints 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.117 Response FOI/2019/117 Brain tumour patient operations Cancer 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.108 Response FOI/2019/108 Graduated compression hosiery spend Finance 14/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.142 Response FOI/2019/142 GID - Young Person Information Sheet Patients 13/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.97 Response FOI/2019/97 Junior doctors contract Human resources 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.101 Response FOI/2019/101 Exception report Human resources 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.103 Response FOI/2019/103 Catering, cleaning and porting services Estates and Facilities 11/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.88 Response FOI/2019/88 Trocars Procurement 05/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.81 Response FOI/2019/81 E-Rostering workforce management Human resources 04/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.76 Response FOI/2019/76 Recycling employer pension contributions Human resources 01/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.77 Response FOI/2019/77 Discharge and readmittance for patients with no fixed abode Patients 01/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.78 Response FOI/2019/78 Managing high professional standards investigations Human resources 01/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.79 Response FOI/2019/79 End of life care pathway Patient treatment 01/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.71 Response FOI/2019/71 Colonoscope equipment Procurement 30/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.72 Response FOI/2019/72 Rheumatology outpatient appointment cancellations Patients 30/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.73 Response FOI/2019/73 Construction projects Estates and Facilities 30/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.74 Response FOI/2019/74 Procurement metrics - 2016 Carter Review Procurement 30/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.65 Response FOI/2019/65 Locum doctors pay Human resources 28/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.67 Response FOI/2019/67 Long stay patients of no fixed abode Patients 28/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.60 Response FOI/2019/60 Staff transport Transport 25/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.62 Response FOI/2019/62 Trust funding - NHS long term plan Trust planning 25/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.59 Response FOI/2019/59 Junior doctors accommodation and facilities Human resources 24/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.57 Response FOI/2019/57 Staff and volunteer numbers Human resources 23/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.50 Response FOI/2019/50 Guidelines post colonoscopy Cancer 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.48 Response FOI/2019/48 Complaints handling Complaints 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.51 Response FOI/2019/51 Sleep services Patients 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.52 Response FOI/2019/52 Sepsis screening and treatment Trust services 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.53 Response FOI/2019/53 Adult emergency and elective in-patients Emergency Services 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.47 Response FOI/2019/47 Patient Leaflet - Induction of Labour (IOL) Maternity services 21/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.43 Response FOI/2019/43 Trainee and compliance - HEE guidance Safety 18/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.36 Response FOI/2019/36 Dermatology staff numbers Human resources 16/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.39 Response FOI/2019/39 Sickle Cell / Thalassemia Patient safety 16/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.41 Response FOI/2019/41 Dental imaging equipment Imaging 16/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.34 Response FOI/2019/34 Hymen reconstruction surgery Surgery 15/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.29 Response FOI/2019/29 CFE/ME Clinic - rehabilitation therapy patient advice Patient safety 14/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.30 Response FOI/2019/30 Health Records - electronic and paper Information technology 14/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.20 Response FOI/2019/20 EU settlement fee scheme Human resources 10/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.21 Response FOI/2019/21 Uniform/workware Procurement 10/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.22 Response FOI/2019/22 Theatre inventory management system Surgery 10/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.24 Response FOI/2019/24 Spider bites Patient treatment 10/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.19 Response FOI/2019/19 Skin cancer MDTs Cancer 09/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.16 Response FOI/2019/16 Antenatal unit questionnaire Maternity services 08/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.18 Response FOI/2019/18 Infected Blood Inquiry Clinical governance 08/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.11 Response FOI/2019/11 Cable ties used for waste Procurement 07/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.09 Response FOI/2019/09 Cost of covering staff settled status application Human resources 04/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.06 Response FOI/2019/06 Operating theatre staff management structure Human resources 03/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.03 Response FOI/2019/03 Mortuary Fridges purchased by the Trust Procurement 02/01/2019
FOI20217350Response FOI2017350 Hospital admissions Hospital admission 24/05/2017