Vision, values and objectives 

UCLH top ten objectives 2015/16


1. Improve patient safety

  • Achieve hospital acquired infection targets
  • Deliver “Sign up to Safety” campaign
  • Deliver progress towards 24 / 7 working

2. Deliver excellent clinical outcomes

  • Maintain upper decile Standard Hospital Mortality Index results
  • Agree an integration strategy with CCGs
  • Avoid increase in levels of emergency admissions

3. Deliver high quality patient experience and customer service

  • Maintain patient survey satisfaction ratings
  • Reduce the number of outpatient cancellations
  • Avoid increase in the number of inpatient cancellations

4. Enable staff to maximise their potential

  • Reduce the level of nursing vacancies
  • Maintain/achieve improvements in staff satisfaction survey
  • Improve the effectiveness of performance appraisals for all staff

5. Reduce waiting times

  • Achieve the 18 week RTT targets
  • Meet cancer waiting times targets
  • Achieve the 95% 4 hour A&E standard

6. Achieve sustainable financial health

  • Agree contracts with commissioners
  • Deliver cost improvement programme
  • Improve cash-flow performance

7. Develop and implement year 1 of our transformation strategy

  • Standardise and improve patient pathways
  • Agree preferred option for future IT infrastructure
  • Agree strategy for organisational development

8. Develop the research agenda

  • Increase the number of participants in clinical trials
  • Move the Clinical Research Facility to new premises
  • Progress clinical academic appointments with UCL

9. Develop education

  • Develop plans for the UCLH Institute
  • Improve staff compliance with mandatory training
  • Improve satisfaction with medical education programmes

10. Progress service developments

  • Progress phase 4/5 developments
  • Implement cardiac/cancer strategy
  • Continue Emergency Department expansion project