Professional background

Deborah Hodes, is a consultant community paediatrician at University College London Hospitals and lead paediatrician at The Lighthouse, Camden. Deborah studied medicine at the Royal London Hospital and trained in paediatrics. Her first consultant post was in Hackney until she moved to UCLH in 2003. Deborah is a fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and has an active role there.

Her key interest is in safeguarding children. She teaches both locally and nationally and at UCLH she leads the student teaching in paediatric safeguarding. At UCLH her successful clinic for the assessment of children with complex safeguarding presentations including historic sexual abuse has contributed to the development of the UCLH led pilot service at The Lighthouse where she is the lead paediatrician.

She started the first and only multidisciplinary children’s FGM clinic with Professor Creighton for those who have undergone FGM or who are at risk. She has published on the subject, spoken internationally and has been the expert witness in two criminal court cases.


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