Connect is an exciting collaboration between UCLH and the Centre for Nurse and Midwife Led Research (CNMR). Connect Journal is inclusive and celebrates diverse perspectives at UCLH. Our objective is to showcase research, news, achievements, events and opinion from a wide range of specialties within these professional groups.

Our editorial board and reviewers welcome a range of article styles and formats from novice writers to practiced authors. Contributions are encouraged from NMAHPPs and HCS at all UCLH sites.

Themes of interest

We are keen to:

  • include papers that discuss the methods and findings of a health research study
  • publicise events that promote evidence-based practice and research in the Trust
  • celebrate your achievements and successes – for example, an awarded master’s degree or PhD, a successful grant application, an academic publication, or an invitation to speak at a conference
  • feature new posts within UCLH that promote evidence-based practice.

As a guide we seek to include:

  • Short articles (1,000 to 2,000 words) about current research, audit, service evaluation, quality improvement, evidence-based practice developments and evidence reviews
  • case reports (up to 1,000 words)
  • summaries (up to 500 words) of new evidence-based guidelines: for example, UCLH, NICE.

Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors are available to download on the UCLH intranet to guide your paper submissions. This is so they adhere to our house style, editorial policies and publication ethics.

Contact the editor: