Publish date: 10 November 2023

November is men’s health month (Movember), and we are hosting our first public Live Q&A event via MS Teams.  

Our leading expert Professor Mark Emberton will be online to answer questions about prostate cancer, the UK’s most common cancer in men.   

Professor Emberton is at the forefront of research to develop new techniques to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. He is director of surgery at UCL and is an honorary consultant at UCLH. He sees, advises and treats patients at the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, as often as possible within a clinical trial setting. 

Anyone can join the live event and you can post questions anonymously in MS Teams too, so you have the freedom to ask questions you might feel uncomfortable talking about in a different situation. It’s important to note that a live Q&A is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a doctor and we will not necessarily be able to answer questions about your individual care. However, we hope that we can provide reassurance, answer any general questions you might have and point you in the right direction for further help. 

The live Q&A will be online for an hour from 1.15 pm on 30 November 2023. Joining in is easy – you don’t have to register, simply visit this page on the day and click the "JOIN EVENT" button on the day.


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If you are unable to attend the live event but would like to submit questions now, we’ll do our best to have them answered when the event takes place, you can email your questions to

Live Q&A sessions are just one of the ways UCLH is improving its online presence - as well as our website, we have a YouTube channel where we host all of our patient information films including full recordings of our live Q&A events. 

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