Publish date: 29 April 2020


UCLH consultant Jo Franks has been reassuring patients that breast cancer surgery is still safely taking place, in an interview with the BBC this morning (29 April 2020).


Jo is just one UCLH consultant who is operating on her breast cancer patients at the private Wellington Hospital, thanks to collaboration between North Central and North East London NHS trusts and the independent sector; an arrangement made possible through creation of the UCLH cancer hub.

The change of location means that patients are being seen in an environment at low risk of COVID-19 infection, providing safe care for cancer patients while the pandemic is ongoing. UCLH cancer patients are similarly being seen at University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street and at The Princess Grace Hospital.

“We want to reassure patients that these facilities are available and patients are receiving treatment. The consultants discuss all patients needing cancer surgery at a weekly meeting and carefully consider the balance of risks to ensure the correct treatment is offered”, said Jo.

She added, “We would also like to encourage anyone who is worried about new symptoms such as a lump, nipple change or bleeding to make contact with your GP. They can offer remote appointments and refer you for further investigation if necessary. We are keen to ensure that patients who may be waiting at home seek medical help if they are worried about their symptoms.”

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