Publish date: 16 August 2022

You can now join most outpatient video clinics at UCLH through MyCare, our patient portal.

Microsoft Teams Video Clinics - patients.png

With MyCare UCLH, you can check your appointment details, receive reminders, and view your clinic letters online or on your mobile device. Before each appointment, you will also have the option to request to update some of your health information such as your medication, allergies and any new health issues.

You will use MyCare to access the link to your video clinic that will be hosted on Microsoft Teams – a free video call platform.  

Signing up to MyCare UCLH 

You can sign up to MyCare on the MyCare login page. You will need a personal activation code from your After Visit Summary, letter, or email (see our leaflet for details). If you know your NHS number, you can also request to sign up here.  

If you have any questions about MyCare, you can find out more about MyCare UCLH here or contact the Helpdesk below.

Help and support 

If you need help with signing up to MyCare UCLH, or need support with our video clinic system, please email the MyCare Helpdesk at

If you need some technical support with a test call before your clinic, our volunteer Tech Buddies are here to help. Please email them at to arrange an appointment to talk you through this. 

Preparing for your video clinic 

For information to help you prepare for your video clinic, see our detailed patient information leaflet: How to access your video clinic through MyCare and Microsoft Teams.

If there are technical issues on the day of your appointment, your healthcare professional will call you on your phone. We will have included the phone number that we have on file for you in the video appointment letter.   

If your contact details are incorrect, or you prefer to use a different telephone number for your appointment, or you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible on 020 3448 9393 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), online here, or by email

Using MyCare to join video clinics

You can also watch the 3-minute video below that shows you how to join video clinics using MyCare UCLH and Microsoft Teams.

You can now use our patient portal, MyCare, to join individual video clinic appointments at UCLH. The video call with your clinician will be on Microsoft Teams, but you will connect through your MyCare UCLH account.
(Please note that group video clinics will continue on Zoom.)