Publish date: 31 May 2023

UCLH has moved one step closer to carbon net zero emissions with the installation of six new mobile Entonox destructions units across our birthing centre and labour wards.

MDU new.jpg

Entonox (‘gas and air’) is frequently used in maternity as an effective pain killer, but contains nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The new mobile destruction units, which collect and break up Entonox into harmless gases, are predicted to reduce emissions by up to 80 per cent in the rooms they are used. 

Director of innovation, Luke O’Shea said, “This is another positive step forwards towards becoming a greener UCLH. Last year we produced the same emissions from Entonox as over 400 flights from London to New York. These new mobile destruction units will make a significant difference to our carbon footprint, not only for our patients and staff today, but, fittingly, for the generations to come.”