Publish date: 12 May 2020

To mark the World Health Organization’s International Year of the Nurse and Midwife we have curated an exhibition which brings together a collection of 16 portraits of nurses and midwives, taken by Thomas SG Farnetti from Wellcome, in collaboration with Alison Finch. 


It features registered nurses and midwives from UCLH, who were nominated by their leaders or colleagues. It sets out to describe what is often difficult to articulate: what being a professional nurse or midwife means in practice. The portraits, together with each person’s spoken narrative, convey many of the qualities nurses and midwives viewing this work may recognise. Sharing the nuanced complexities of nursing and midwifery publicly and more widely with others, we hope to illuminate, educate and inspire.

The title Purposeful Work reflects the modesty, dignity, humanity and quiet pride Thomas and Alison experienced amongst those photographed. 2020 will be a year like no other. This exhibition respectfully depicts the commitment and courage of those photographed, qualities demonstrated by all who work as part of the nursing and midwifery family. The exhibition takes place in The Street Gallery on the ground floor of University College Hospital and will be on display until July. 

As entrance to the hospital is currently limited to patients and staff, and many of you will not be able to visit, we are also sharing them with you below. Please click on the image to launch the gallery.