Publish date: 15 February 2021

Judy Miller, whose lung cancer was diagnosed through the study 

Early analysis of the number of lung cancer diagnoses made through the SUMMIT Study is featured in a front page story in The Guardian today. The articles include an interview with Professor Sam Janes, principal investigator for the SUMMIT Study, and the story of one study participant’s experience.  These initial findings, which will be peer reviewed for publication in a research journal later in the year, highlight the benefits of lung cancer screening for detecting and treating the disease at early stage. In most cases, there are no early signs of health problems so people do not seek medical help until the lung cancer has significantly progressed and when treatment options are limited. In the future a screening programme could change the prognosis for people diagnosed with the disease.

Read the Guardian articles here.

The story was also followed up by other media including the BBC, The Times and The Independent.