Publish date: 29 May 2024

The rain couldn’t dampen spirits on Tuesday 21 May of those who turned out to celebrate as the vaccination team at University College London Hospital (UCLH) undertook its 1000th COVID-19 outreach clinic.

The team welcomed patients and special guests who gathered at the event at the Bourne Estate in Camden to celebrate the milestone.

The COVID-19 outreach programme got under way in 27 April 2021 and over the course of one thousand clinics has vaccinated around more than 40,000 people across north central London.


Among the guests on Tuesday was UCLH Chair Baroness Julia Neuberger who said, “I’m really delighted to be here. It’s fantastic to celebrate the 1000th clinic today. It’s a service that not only offers COVID-19 vaccines but also weight checks, glucose checks, smoking cessation advice, blood pressure, BMI and loneliness checks. The team really does deliver.”

COVID-19 boosters are an essential preventative health measure, aimed at those more vulnerable to COVID-19 including the elderly and immunosuppressed. Alongside this, regular blood pressure, weight and glucose checks allow people across north central London to identify health risks early, and take action.

Tim Jaggard, deputy chief executive and chief financial officer at UCLH went on to say, “Having visited the first vaccination outreach clinic back in April 2021, it was great to meet the team again as they delivered their 1,000th clinic. This programme has given 42,000 vaccinations to the most under-served parts of the community, whilst also providing health checks to people in some of our most deprived localities.

“It has been a powerful example of partnership working between UCLH and borough councils, the integrated care board, our workforce management service and academic and voluntary organisations. A huge thank you to everyone involved”.

Local resident Ronald Burke, one of those who attended the clinic for his vaccine said, “I’ve been texted by the NHS because I’m immunosuppressed so it was a perfect opportunity to come along and have the vaccination. I wish the team good luck with their work and congratulations.”

Speaking before the event, Dr Chris Caldwell, chief nursing officer at North Central London ICB, added, “We are very proud of the team effort to bring vaccination to the places in our communities where it is needed the most, helping us improve access and reduce health inequalities. I wish the event, every success.”

Laura Churchward, director of strategy and SRO for COVID-19 vaccination at UCLH also said, “COVID-19 vaccination rates in NCL are above the London average. I’m very proud that the team has supported so many people to get protected who might otherwise not have received a vaccination. I hope the whole team and our invited guests enjoyed celebrating this achievement.”