Publish date: 20 January 2020

UCLH is recycling almost half of its rubbish - and we are starting to cut down on the amount of single use plastic we are using in support of the NHS Single-Use Plastics Reduction Campaign Pledge.


recycled-plastic-bottles cropped.jpg


Our main focus over the past few months has been to improve how we separate our waste and to increase our recycling rates throughout our sites.

Interserve has supported us in this by installing new equipment, changing their waste management contractor, increasing communication about correct waste streams and organising joint waste road shows.

These measures have led to better recycling rates, with a dramatic increase of mixed recycling from 38 per cent in the previous quarter to 49 per cent in the last three months.

Our general domestic waste over the same period has also decreased significantly and we have achieved zero to landfill status in this financial year. We are well on course to hit our current recycling target of 80 per cent by 2025.

Adrian Miller, our waste manager, said: “These successes have been achieved by great team work and a joint ambition to reduce the UCLH carbon footprint. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to do the right thing!”

George Weekes, Interserve account director, said: “During 2020, we will continue to increase our recycling rates so that as a site we recycle more than we send to general waste to minimise our impact on our environment.”

Read more about the NHS single-use plastic campaign here.