Publish date: 27 April 2021

The bus, launched in partnership between Camden Council and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), will offer an alternative, accessible way for communities to get the jab. 

Camden Council and UCLH are working with community leaders and groups to book appointments for people in the current eligible priority groups when the bus is in their area. The bus will visit areas where people may find it harder to get access to the large-scale vaccination centres or other vaccine services. 
It is hoped the bus will help ‘fill in the gaps’ in the vaccine rollout by picking up people eligible for a vaccine who have not yet come forward for the jab. It will also aim to encourage people who may be less confident in having the jab through providing reassurance and information on site. 
The bus will operate for four hours a day, three days a week and begins its tour in the Euston and Regent’s Park Estate area. 

The bus has a limited capacity to give vaccinations and has been developed as an addition to the 15 NHS and community vaccination sites that have been used so far in Camden. Residents should continue to book their Covid-19 jab at a vaccine centre or GP surgery if they can get there and residents who are currently not eligible for the vaccine should not attempt to get one from the bus. 
Piers Simey, Acting Director of Public Health for Camden, said: “The NHS vaccination programme has been a great success.  The first person was vaccinated in Camden in December.  Since then more than 86,000 residents have been vaccinated, with 32,000 of these people having both jabs – the full dose of protection. But we don’t want to leave anyone behind in Camden. We know that certain communities may need extra reassurance or assistance to have their first jab, so we are looking to share whatever information they may need, and to ensure that having the vaccine is as convenient as possible.

“The evidence is clear – by having the vaccine you can protect yourself from serious illness due to COVID-19.  And there’s growing evidence that you can also reduce the risk of passing on COVID-19 to others, including your loved ones. The vaccine gives us the best chance of moving forward to a more normal way of life.”    

Tim Jaggard, Acting Chief Executive, UCLH said: “Taking the vaccine out on to the streets of Camden by bus will help make sure that everyone can get easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine. With large scale vaccination centres, pharmacies, GP surgeries and now a bus offering the vaccine, I hope it means there is a service that works for you.”