Publish date: 12 July 2021

Could you be our next Charity ambassador?

The fundraising team is looking for UCLH Charity ambassadors to join the #TeamUCLHAmbassador family to help make UCLH services great. We want to create an environment within our hospitals where staff, patients, friends and families feel inspired to get involved. We need your help to make this a reality.

Charity ambassadors help raise awareness of UCLH Charity and encourage new support so that we can provide staff and patients with the things that enhance and improve services. Patients, donors and individuals from the community can all sign up to be amabassadors.

This role will act as a link between the hospital, the Charity and your community of friends, family or colleagues. Activities include:

  • Updating and informing your community of ways to get involved, whether that's through one of our challenges, taking part in a special event like our annual NHS BIG Tea or holding their own event.
  • Holding talks in your local community and updating them on our current projects and appeals
  • Getting people to spread the word
  • Signing up someone to volunteer at one of our events

Greg, UCLH falls lead, is one of our #TeamUCLHAmbassadors and trains staff across UCLH about falls prevention. He invites the Charity team to training sessions so that they can share information about getting involved in the Charity and explain how it supports staff and patients.

Greg said: "I'll do my best to support your amazing work and raise awareness about UCLH Charity."

Once you are part of the family, you will be invited to annual events, be provided with our #TeamUCLHAmbassador pin badge and be supported by our charity team.

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