Professional background

Professor Andrew McEvoy is a world-leading consultant neurosurgeon at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), and Institute of Neurology (ION) in London. 

He is the clinical lead for neuro-oncology and epilepsy surgery at NHNN.

He has the largest adult epilepsy surgical practice in the UK and leads the surgical arm of the department of clinical and experimental epilepsy which is the renowned, preeminent epilepsy research group in Europe.

Professor McEvoy performs all surgical therapies for the management of epilepsy such as temporal lobe resections, hemispherotomy, corpus callosotomy, vagal nerve stimulation and gamma knife surgery. He has a number of ongoing research interests examining robotics in neurosurgery, developments in neuronavigation, the evaluation of functional deficit following epilepsy surgery, and imaging of the optic radiation to prevent visual field defects in temporal lobe surgery.

Listed in The Times 2010 top UK doctors for his epilepsy and brain tumour surgery, Professor McEvoy’s specialist neurooncology service has a particular interest in the prediction and preservation of function during large resective neurosurgical procedures and the reorganisation of brain function around brain tumours. This multidisciplinary approach integrates facilities such as 3T MRI, FMRI for language and motor function, DTI, MEG, neurophysiology and neuropsychology.

As a result of this expertise, he performs probably the largest number of ‘awake’ craniotomies presently in the UK. This enables the largest possible resection of brain tumours while minimalising neurological deficit. He has extensive experience of the use of Interventional MRI and Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

His busy general neurosurgical practice encompasses spinal surgery, trigeminal neuralgia, hydrocephalus, head injury and peripheral nerve surgery. Professor McEvoy has published and presented widely both nationally and internationally and holds a number of research grants funding ongoing projects at The Institute of Neurology in London.

Professor McEvoy is also the honorary consultant neurosurgeon to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Primary medical qualification (MB BS) gained at the University of London; Bachelor of Science Honours degree (BSc Hons) in anatomy and human anthropology.

A medical doctorate (MD) investigating the effect of haemostatic changes on intracerebral haemorrhage and brain trauma.

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS) and gained the specialty qualification in surgical neurology (FRCS SN).