Professional background

Veeru Kasivisvanathan is an associate professor of urology and consultant urologist based at University College London and University College London Hospital, specializing in urological cancers.

His typical clinical practice focuses on prostate cancer diagnostics, robotic pelvic cancer surgery and focal therapy of prostate cancer.

He has extensive urology experience having worked in several internationally leading institutions including University College London Hospital, Guys Hospital London & Imperial College London. He has also worked abroad in different healthcare systems including the world-renowned Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia and has spent time at University Southern California Urology Centre, USA.

He has been recognised for his work with prestigious awards including:

  • European Association of Urology Crystal Matula Award for the top young academic Urologist in Europe
  • British Association of Urological Surgeons John Anderson Award for outstanding contribution to Urology
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England Hunterian Professorship 2021 for outstanding contribution to surgical sciences
  • Medicina Young Investigator Award for groundbreaking contribution to the advancement of Medicine
  • UCL Provost Excellence 2018 Award for exceptional contribution to the University

Research interests

He is an international research leader, having contributed to the first major change in 30 years in the way that we diagnose prostate cancer. He is a regularly invited international speaker, has influenced national policy in prostate cancer screening and has contributed to changes in NICE, European and American guidelines for prostate cancer care through high-impact publications in leading medical journals.

His research interests include:

  1. Prostate cancer - this work has focussed on the use of novel imaging techniques to improve the way that cancer is diagnosed and treated (PRECISION, PRIME trial).
  2. Bladder cancer - this work has focussed on optimising the detection of urinary tract cancers (IDENTIFY study) and in optimising the treatment of patients with bladder cancer (RESECT study). Work involves international audit, educational theory and peer-group comparison.
  3. Benign disease - this work includes testicular torsion (FIX-IT study) and stone disease (MIMIC study, STENT study)


> 12500 citations:

Selection of 5 publications:

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