Professional background

Prof Siassakos is an honorary consultant in Obstetrics at University College London and University College Hospital.

He is Chair of the Clinical Care Group of the International Stillbirth Alliance, Convenor for ROBUST operative birth courses across the UK, Vice Chair of the Intrapartum Care Clinical Study Group, and member of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) HTA prioritisation panel.

He is lead author of several national and international guidelines, and Executive Editor for BJOG.

Research interests

Prof Siassakos leads a comprehensive portfolio of research in stillbirth care and prevention including initiatives relevant to pre-diabetes and glucose dysmetabolism,; prevention of neonatal brain injury; patient involvement in serious incident reviews; intrapartum care and operative birth trials; safety of maternity services; obesity in pregnancy; postpartum haemorrhage; simulation training and technology-enhanced care.

He has held grants in excess of £13m and has more than 100 publications including the Lancet Stillbirth Series.

He is working closely with UCL academic engineers to design novel tools that will revolutionalise birth and improve its safety globally.

Languages spoken

Greek, some French


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He has also co-authored, as member of the RCOG Consent Group the national guidance on optimal consent process and content for several obstetric and gynaecology procedures, including reasonable risks and complications.

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