Professional background

Dr Andrea Wiessner is an Associate Specialist at the RLHIM, seeing mainly children, but also adults with skin conditions and general medical problems. She is part of the adult Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia service. She qualified as a doctor in 1989 in Germany and worked in conventional medicine for 8 years, first in hospital medicine and later as a GP. She also did her MD in Germany and her GP training was undertaken in Germany and the UK.

Dr Wiessner became interested in a holistic approach to health as she became dissatisfied with the fact that she was not really dealing with the cause of ill-health in her patients and, in 1993, started to train in homoeopathy - it has been her passion ever since. She has worked as a physician in Integrated medicine at the RLHIM since 1998.

The feels very passionate about providing holistic health care within the NHS. She is on the specialist register and a fellow of the Faculty of Homoeopathy.

Languages spoken