Professional background

Dr Arjun K Ghosh MBBS MSc PhD FHEA FACC FESC FRCP FICOS is a consultant cardiologist at UCLH and Barts Heart Centre. He helped establish and grow cardio-oncology services at UCLH and Barts Heart Centre which are now amongst the biggest in the world. He is the clinical lead of the UCLH service which looks after all the cardiac needs of cancer patients and works to reduce the cardiac side effects of cancer treatment. Patients are evaluated before, during and after cancer treatment (be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery) to ensure optimal cardiac outcomes for these patients.

Dr Ghosh is also a specialist in advanced cardiac imaging (cardiac MRI and echocardiography) and in all aspects of general cardiology. He has a number of international and national leadership positions at the American College of Cardiology, British Cardiovascular Society, Royal Society of Medicine, International Cardio-Oncology Society and British Cardio-Oncology Society.

He also has a keen interest in medical education with an MSc in medical education (Royal College of Physicians and UCL graduating first in his year) and is director of the Foundation Programme at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and is involved in supervising postgraduate doctors and trainee cardiologists.

Dr Ghosh completed a multiple international and national award-winning PhD from Imperial College London on life course cardiology. His work was featured by various media outlets internationally and also in the Houses of Parliament. He has continued to publish widely in the field of cardio-oncology and cardiology and has spoken at international and national conferences in the field. He is a published author in the field of medicine and also medical education.

Languages spoken

Bengali, Hindi


Select recent journal publications:

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