Professional background

Conrad von Stempel is a consultant interventional vascular and uroradiologist. He graduated from UCL medical school with an additional BSc in anatomy and developmental biology.

Conrad completed his core radiology training at UCH, and after gaining the FRCR, a 2-year fellowship in interventional radiology at the Royal Free Hospital.

He specialises in vascular and urological interventional radiology procedures including angioplasty, complex venous access, and embolisation therapy including prostate artery embolisation (PAE).

Conrad also works as an interventional radiologist at the Royal Free hospital. He enjoys teaching and lectures in imaging, anatomy and embryology at UCH and Keble college, Oxford University.

Research interests

  • Locoregional therapies: embolisation and ablation in liver cancers including HCC, mCRC and Neuroendocrine cancer
  • Vascular imaging in peripheral vascular disease and priapism
  • Imaging in urological disease including prostate and renal cancers

Languages spoken



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Book Chapters:
Chapter 13. Renal cancer in 4th Edition Husband & Reznek's Imaging in Oncology Published October 18, 2020 by CRC Press Conrad von Stempel, Lee Alexander Grant, Miles Walkden, and Navin Ramachandran

Chapter 11. Duplex ultrasonography and its role in the assessment of male sexual dysfunction in Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide published 2016. Conrad von Stempel and Miles Walkden