Professional background

I have been working as anaesthetist in several European countries, including Germany, Italy and UK. Upon completion of my anaesthetic training I took a year long fellowship in cardiac anaesthesia at the Heart Hospital followed by a clinical research fellowship in hepatobiliary-liver transplant anaesthesia at the Royal Free Hospital.

I joined UCLH as consultant in Jan 2008.

On top of my NHS commitments, I am also mentor to the London Deanery mentoring scheme for doctors and I am part of an international medical forum which offers expertise to trainees who want to pursue an Out Of Program Experience (OOPE).


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  • MD thesis on “Tight Glycemic control in septic patients”. Pilot study aimed at identifying the effects of tight glycaemic control on inflammatory and coagulation pathways in septic patients.
  • MD thesis on “Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in liver transplantation: the role of the new liver”. I evaluated incidence of MODS and its impact on mortality in 92 orthotopic liver transplants. The primary end point was to identify predictive MODS risk factors correlated to the function of the new liver.