Professional background

Dr Emilie Sanchez has been working at UCLH as a consultant virologist since 2016. Their medical background starts in Marseille, France where they graduated. After completing a specialty training in general pathology at Tours University Hospitals, Dr Sanchez further specialised in clinical virology at Imperial College London Hospitals where they obtained their CCT.

Their virology work focuses on the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of opportunistic viral infections particularly in the haematology-oncology population. Since the start of the pandemic, optimising management of COVID in these patients both from a clinical and infection control perspective has been a key component of their daily practice.

As a member of the multi-disciplinary HLH (Human Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis) group at UCLH, Dr Sanchez contributes to the investigation of viral infections in hyperinflammatory syndromes.

Working closely with colleagues at HSL (Health Services Laboratories) towards optimisation of lab quality, Dr Sanchez has undertaken the role of designated individual of the Human Tissue Authority license covering the virology screening of pre stem cell transplant patients.

Research interests

The introduction of next-generation sequencing in clinical virology for the diagnosis of infection and the identification of antiviral resistance.

Languages spoken



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