Professional background

Dr Gary Hotton qualified from University College and Middlesex School of Medicine in 1995. His general medical training was undertaken at Dundee Royal Infirmary and the Royal Free Hospital. Following this he spent seven years in research at Kings College Hospital and Imperial College. He then returned to specialist training in London and joined the specialist register in May 2010.

Dr Hotton is a consultant neurologist and divides his time between the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) and The North Middlesex Hospital. At the NHNN he has a specialist neuro-oncology clinic and is a core member of the neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team.

At the North Middlesex Hospital he provides an in-patient and out patient general neurology service.

His clinical interests are:

  • Neurological care of patients with central nervous system tumours
  • Care of patients with neurological complications of cancer or its treatment
  • Movement Disorders

Research interests

Dr Hotton current research interests are in the imaging and optimisation of the medical management of patients with central nervous system tumors.


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