Professional background

Gemma completed her medical degree (MBChB) at the University of Birmingham in 2004 and started her oncology training in 2008. Having attained FRCR in 2011, she completed her oncology training at UCLH then undertook a MD(Res) at University College London (UCL), which was awarded in 2016. She then took up a substantive consultant post at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust (ICHT), treating gynaecological and colorectal cancers, and was brachytherapy lead and unit training lead as well as honorary clinical senior lecturer at Imperial College London. To be able to focus on gynaecological cancers and brachytherapy, she returned to UCLH in 2017. 

Gemma specialises in the treatment of gynaecological cancers (focusing on cervical, endometrial, vulval and vaginal cancer) and the delivery of brachytherapy. She has a keen interest in complex targeted radiotherapy delivery using image guidance and adaptive techniques as well as the use of imaging biomarkers during chemo-radiotherapy.


Multiple book chapters including:

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