Professional background

I have been a consultant at UCH since 2003. I am clinical lead for hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) medicine, which is one of the busiest tertiary referral practices in hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease in the UK, performing > 1000 ERCPs and related biliary procedures each year. I am involved in all forms of interventional endoscopy, with a particular focus on ERCP, cholangioscopy, sphincter of Oddi manometry and advanced luminal endoscopy (including colonic stenting). Our group has the largest experience of autoimmune pancreatitis/IgG4-associated cholangitis in the UK.

I am actively involved in endoscopy training locally, nationally (e.g. Director ‘London Live Endoscopy’ 2007, 2008, 2011) and internationally (expert faculty Gastroenterology and  Endotherapy European Workshop (GEEW) Brussels 2010). I undertake regular postgraduate teaching related to gastroenterology and hepatology (including Royal College of Physicians regional masterclasses).  I am co-author of the Oxford Handbook of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (2nd edition in press). I was on the organising committee for the first International Conference on IgG4 disease (Boston Oct 2011).

External Committees: North Thames Gastroenterology SpR Training; Autoimmune Pancreatitis International Collaborative Study  (APICS) Group. Endoscopy Committee British Society of Gastroenterology.

Research interests

I was awarded an MD (December 2002) for my thesis related to the study of the cellular immune events involved in clearance or persistence of hepatitis B virus infection, and during the natural course of chronic HBV infection.

Since completing my thesis I have continued clinical research in various areas of hepatobiliary medicine.

I am involved in ongoing research into  autoimmune pancreatitis/IgG4-associated cholangitis, and have presented state-of-the-art lectures on this subject at international symposia in UK (BSG 2009), Europe (European Pancreatic Club, Stockholm  2010, EASL, Berlin 2011) and USA (DDW San Diego 2009).


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