Professional background

Dr Helen Simpson is a consultant endocrinologist working at UCLH. She was a consultant at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge for 12 years and has been at UCLH since 2017.

She trained at University of Cambridge and The London Hospital Medical School, and did her clinical training at The Royal London Hospital, St Thomas' and Barts Hospitals. She completed a PhD on the effects of nisulin, GH and IGF-I, and exercise, on glucose, lipid and protein metabolism in type 1 diabetes.

She has a broad clinical experience within endocrinology, with particular interest in late effects, young adult/transition endocrinology, neuroendocrine tumours and inherited endocrine tumour syndromes, Turner Syndrome, DSD and pituitary disease.

Whilst at Cambridge she developed clinical services in these areas including an endocrine-genetics clinic, inherited endocrine tumours service, neuroendocrine tumour MDT and has published in this area. She is currently focusing on late effects of cancer treatment and transition services, as well as magement of functioning endocrine tumours (insulinoma and phaeochromocytma) and patient safety, in particular adrenal insufficiency and diabetes insipidius.

She is a member of the team implementing Epic Expert User Community at UCLH and a member of the Out Patient Transformation Board. She is an active member of the Society for Endocrinology, being a member of the SfEBES Program Organising Committee and Future of Endocrinology Working Group, Editor of The Endocrinologist in 2020, and is Co-Lead for the new Endocrine Network-Endocrine Consequences of Living With and Beyond Cancer. She is member of the RCP Patient Safety Committee being senior clinical advisor for the Steroid Emergency Card and is working with RCP, SfE and NHSE&I to implement the new Steroid Emergency Card.

She is also a founder member with 3 others of the NEW-London : She received the 2021 Outstanding Clinical Practitioner Award from the Society for Endocrinology . She works with patient support groups doing socia media events to share information and is a Trustee for the Addisons Disease Self Help Group.

Research interests

  • CAH (CamBabs, University of Cambridge)
  • Turner Syndrome lifecourse project
  • Living with and beyond cancer
  • Management of adrenal insufficiency
  • Adolescent endocrinology (including hypothalamo-pitutary disease)


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