Professional background

Dr Michael Kosmin is a consultant clinical oncologist at University College London Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. He specialises in the use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy for the management of tumours of the central nervous system. He has a particular interest in advanced radiotherapy techniques including stereotactic radiotherapy and proton beam therapy.

He is the Royal College of Radiologists’ (RCR) College Tutor and the local postgraduate medical education lead for clinical oncology. He speaks regularly to expert and lay audiences on the management of brain tumours.

Research interests

Dr Kosmin is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Cancer Institute, University College London. His main research interest is in clinical studies of novel imaging modalities in the management of cancer, with several publications in high impact-factor journals. He is a core member of the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at UCLH/UCL Neuro-Oncology Group and leads several research studies into brain tumours and their treatment.


Selected publications include:
• Kosmin M, Padhani AR, Gogbashian A, et al. Comparison of Whole-Body MRI, CT, and Bone Scintigraphy for Response Evaluation of Cancer Therapeutics in Metastatic Breast Cancer to the Bone. Radiology (2020).
• Kosmin M, Ledsam J, Romera-Paredes B, Mendes R, de Souza D, Gunn L, Hughes CO, Nutting C, and Sharma RA. Rapid advances in auto-segmentation of organs at risk and target volumes in head and neck cancer. Radiation and Oncology (2019) 135: 130-140.
• Woolf DK, Li SP, Detre S, Liu A, Gogbashian A, Simcock IC, Stirling J, Kosmin M, Cook GJ, Siddique M, Dowsett M, Makris A, and Goh V. Assessment of the Spatial Heterogeneity of Breast Cancers: Associations between Computed Tomography and Immunohistochemistry. Biomarkers in Cancer (2019) 11:1-7.
• Kosmin M, Padhani A, Sokhi H, Thijssen, and Makris A. Patterns of disease progression in patients with local and metastatic breast cancer as evaluated by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging. The Breast (2018) 40: 82-84
• Kosmin M, Solda F, Wilson E, Kitchen N, Rees J, and Fersht N. The impact of route of diagnosis on survival in patients with glioblastoma. British Journal of Neurosurgery (2018) 9: 1-3.
• Kosmin M, Makris A, Joshi P, Ah-See M, Woolf DK, and Padhani AR. The addition of whole-body MRI to body CT alters treatment decisions in patients with metastatic breast cancer. European Journal of Cancer (2017) 77: 109-116.
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• Kosmin M, Bomanji JB, Cork NJ, Shankar A, and Gaze MN. Hypertension complicating 131I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine therapy for neuroblastoma. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2012) 39: 597-601.
• McQuillan A, Bass NJ, Choudhury K, Puri V, Kosmin M, Curtis D, and Gurling HM. Case-control studies show that a non-conservative amino-acid change from a glutamine to arginine in the P2RX7 purinergic receptor protein is associated with both bipolar- and unipolar-affective disorders. Molecular Psychiatry (2009) 14: 614-620.