Professional background

Naomi Rahman is an oral surgery consultant at East Surrey Hospital and a locum consultant at Eastman Dental Hospital. She is also an IMOS provider, delivering oral surgery in primary care.

Naomi graduated from Kings College London in 2009 and completed oral surgery specialist training and a DClinDent in Oral Surgery at Edinburgh Dental Institute. She also completed her postgraduate certificate in clinical and academic practice in 2019. Naomi has written book chapters, published lab based and clinical research as well as obtaining grants for dental research projects. Apart from her clinical and research work, she is an audit lead and an examiner for the MFDS.

Naomi is passionate about teaching and education, supervising postgraduates, dental core trainees, registrars and general dental practitioners. She is also a tutor for the diploma in primary care oral surgery, coaching and mentoring dentists with an interest in oral surgery.



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