Professional background

I have been consultant neonatologist at UCLH since 2003 and have a special interest in newborn brain protection and brain imaging and spectroscopy using MRI and MRS. I am the research lead of neonatology, Institute for Women’s Health at UCL.

I was lecturer in neonatology at Imperial College London from 1998-2003 where I completed my PhD in brain injury and pH in birth asphyxia. I have served as general secretary of the UK Neonatal Society and led the brain and development section of the European Society for Pediatric Research from 2003-2008.

I have co-edited the book Neonatal Cerebral investigation in 2008.

I lead the preclinical neuroprotection group to investigate new ways to protect the developing brain using a model of neonatal encephalopathy. My research team are basic scientists, physicists and neonatologists and focus on magnetic resonance biomarker development and validation in both my preclinical model and in babies.

My ten year vision is to develop a balanced therapy of compatible and complementary neuroprotective interventions that can be combined with maximal safety and efficacy; the aim is that this combination can then translate to the clinic to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes after perinatal asphyxia in all settings across the world.

Research interests

  • Optimising hypothermic neuroprotection of the newborn as a therapy for birth asphyxia
  • Introducing adjunct therapies to improve outcomes after birth asphyxia
  • Neuroinflammation and its role in brain injury
  • Development of MRI biomarkers of outcome




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